recent work

I thought I’d share with you some recent work I’ve done for Postal Press.  aside from printing my little heart out with orders for custom initial cards, I printed up these baby announcements over the holidays for a dear friend of mine who had her sweet little boy in mid-December.  she fell in love with my specimen calendar and since bugs are a bit of a little boy thing, I thought of the idea for a little parade of bugs.

lots of new things in store for Postal Press this year, including *finally* that Imagination poster, new initial cards, and many other things.  thanks so much for your continued support!

also, I’ve updated the Seventy & Sunny blog with some recent blog header and postcard designs as well!

10 Responses to “recent work”

  1. Jenya said:

    Awe! That is the most beautiful baby announcement EVER! I love the little bugs (even though I do have a fobia of bugs :0)
    Beautiful job!

  2. Sarah said:

    These are so wonderful! I love the colors, and the bugs at the bottom are such a cute touch. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sarah said:

    Alyson- I love your work! I absolutely cannot wait until you print up the Imagination poster. I have a frame reserved (and it still has the stock photo in it) on the gallery wall I just did over the weekend!

  4. Tatum said:

    Awesome work and that is a kick butt name…

  5. Lauren said:

    Alyson, i love the baby announcements! they are fabulous!