right this second…

I’m so so SO thankful that:
it’s finally Friday.

I’m wishing that:
the sun would come out.  just for a bit.  though it looks like we’re stuck with dreadful rain.

wondering if it’s a bad sign:
that I’m beginning to think 50 degrees is too warm for January.

I’ve been working on:
a shop update for Postal Press!  details next week.

I’m happy I was:
able to helpyou can too, if you’d like.

and lastly, have the happiest of weekends!!

{photo from fine little day}

4 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. chelsea said:

    Have a great weekend, Alyson! I am having a dreadful time with this rain. My wellies are helping me have a bit better attitude but it’s still hard. I either want snow or spring!!!:)

  2. Gavina Nuria Maria said:

    We´ve been following your blog and we love it.
    We linked it to our new one Baingia.blogspot.com
    We hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy yours!
    please feel free to link us in yours if you like it
    Our best!!!!!!!
    good luck!!!

  3. The Neo-Traditionalist said:

    What a sweet photo for the winter months! Hope your weekend was fantastic. Can’t wait to see your updates to postal press!
    XX Kate