right this second…

this weekend, I’m working on:
a “how I’d wear it” for Roberta Jane.  check out her series.
the beautiful invitation to go with these save the dates.
packaging up orders for the Imagination Poster.

I’m still tasting:
black eyed pea soup and a wheatgrass shot from Prasad.

this week has been:
all sorts of emotional.  happy, sad, angry, glad…  ya know, the rollercoaster effect.

but I’m so so thankful for those things that make me happy:
my blog, you readers.
happy music.
and yummy food.

that’s all for this week.  have a lovely weekend, friends.  xoxo.

{photo by mav}

7 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. joslyn said:

    i can totally relate on the rollercoaster effect, but it sounds like you have a creative, fun weekend ahead!

    cheers to the little “happy makers”

  2. Sarah said:

    Sorry to hear you’ve had sad in your week. Hope it has passed. Cheers to a creative, happy weekend!

  3. Janine said:

    I feel your emotional confusion… there were moments this week when I felt like a real grizzly myself! But now it’s all over, so Happy weekend!

  4. Nina said:

    I’m sorry it was an emotional week for you but a cupcake like that is bound to cheer you up! :) I hope you have a fabulous weekend. xo

  5. wendy said:

    Sorry for your emotional week. Had a similar ride myself. My happy music is Gogol Bordello. Played at least once a day at my place atm. Its a great mood changer, (for the better)

  6. Karen Pride said:

    I’m so happy to have just discovered your blog; it is beautiful!! I am adding it to my daily reading list.

    Also, thanks so much for coming to eat at Prasad!

    love & gratitude.