Monthly Archives: February 2010


pretty in white

I’ve chosen for my bridesmaids to wear white/ivory/cream dresses of their choosing for our wedding.  while I’m trying to be very open to what they pick, I can’t help but point them in the direction of pretty dresses I find.  these two from Anthropologie are beautiful contenders.


a new planter for a new home

dlb and I are moving!  we’re not yet home buyers, but we’re moving to a fancy new two bedroom apartment in two weeks.  the second bedroom will be dedicated to my shop/studio space for Postal Press.  I couldn’t be more thrilled!

with that in mind, I’ve been jotting down ideas and things I’d like to buy for the new apartment.  since we will have lots of big windows, our plants will be happier.  I’d love one of these new hanging planters from Pigeon Toe Ceramics set to debut just in time, on March 1.