a.p.c. spring/summer

classic lines, neutral colors, flirty details… as usual, A.P.C. does it so so right.

spring isn’t even here yet but I’m finding myself wondering, is it too early to dream about summer?  these two outfits fit in my ideal summer wardrobe seamlessly.

{from a.p.c., via highsnobette}

10 Responses to “a.p.c. spring/summer”

  1. Lulu said:

    i’m suffering from spring fever… but mind over matter, eh!?

  2. emily said:

    so excited to see you in lucky magazine!

  3. erika said:

    never to early to dream about summer! love the khaki pants and white shirt!!

  4. joslyn said:

    i’m in love with that black dress on the right.

    in love with it.