built by wendy, spring ’10

here’s a collection I could seriously live in.  Wendy, this is your best yet.

coming february 22.

22 Responses to “built by wendy, spring ’10”

  1. allie said:

    That last belted blue dress is to die for – I need to find that.

  2. sarah said:

    this truly speaks to my urge of late to simplify everything in my life, including my wardrobe. that dusty pink top is perfection. thanks for sharing.

  3. Robyn said:

    Agh I love Built by Wendy. All of her clothes just have such an adorable aesthetic. They make me want to frolic.

    Happy Valentine’s Day (weekend)!


  4. Megan said:

    that dress and coat in the first column are amazing…I’m glad to see these, b/c I wasn’t too impressed by her last collection…but that coat, man, that coat…

  5. casey said:

    completely agree. best. collection. yet. hands down.

  6. Coulson Macleod said:

    So want to buy everything – wishing they had a shop in England so I could drool over the actual pieces!

  7. Giovanna said:

    i love these clothes. seriously, you could buy four of these outfits and live in them until next winter.