crystal caves

dlb are considering Belize for our honeymoon.  while doing research I came across some crystal caves, which prompted me to do research on other crystal cave sites that might exist.

then I hit the motherload.

these photos are from the amazing crystal caves called Cueva de los Cristales in Naica, Mexico.  amazing, right?

29 Responses to “crystal caves”

  1. Shayna said:

    What the what??? These are AMAZING. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Hello Naica, next vacation?!

  2. Shayna said:

    Okay, now that I’ve cleared my head. Don’t those remind you of Superman’s secret crystal cave?

  3. Naomi said:

    Oh WOW.

    I’ve never seen anything like this before. The people look tiny. I like to pretent the crystals are regular size and they’re just really small people with teeny little hardhats.

  4. Robyn said:

    It’s like living inside my dream jewelry box!

  5. brianne said:

    that is so pretty! go to belize, though, we went last spring and it was really really terrific.

  6. Haley said:

    I totally thought this was done using Photoshop. I cannot believe a place like this exists, so unreal. Thank you a hundred times for this.

  7. michelle said:

    Wow, that’s amazing, they almost look fake! I’ve heard Belize is GORGEOUS and most importantly terribly romantic – good luck with the deciding. What are the other choices?

  8. steven said:

    Skip the caves. Go to Belize. Ambergris Caye or any of the other islas are amazing.

  9. Clare said:

    They are amazing, although you need a special heat suit and breathing equitment to visit the caves, featured on a documentry on the BBC over here.

  10. Morgan said:

    wow those are so amazing! When I first glanced at the first photo I thought it was photoshopped! I would love to there someday.

  11. alyson said:

    thanks for the comments everyone. even though this seems like a dream adventure, we’d obviously read about the dangers of these caves.

    still planning on Belize!!! :)

  12. Anabela said:

    So sad to hear it’s dangerous. How beautiful.

  13. melly said:

    The crystals in the first picture are mammoth!! The tiny guy looks like he’s been transported to a whole new dimension.

  14. Mallory said:

    I didn’t even know places like this existed! Amazing.

  15. Kirby said:

    Those caves are amazing! Great blog you have here!

  16. Aron said:

    Those are so sureal. I thought at first it was a digitized photo. It makes you wonder what other treasures are out there that we aren’t familiar with yet. If those were in the US, it would be a national park that everyone visited once in their life. How is the honeymoon search? We thought about Belize but ended up else where. Since then, we’ve tried to replicate certain things from our honeymoon with every trip. We’ve posted about our trips if you want to check’em out for inspiration. You might like Yucatan, Croatia, Thailand, or Roatan. Do you Scuba dive or snorkel? The water is defiantly a huge draw for Belize. Good luck!

  17. Julia said:

    I just saw a tv program about this cave a few months ago, it was so fascinating!

  18. Des said:

    Wow, this is fantastic. Thanks for sharing this.