dallas shaw for dace

dace commisioned Dallas Shaw to create these 5 different fashion illustrations of models wearing dace pieces from their Spring collection.  they will be giving away these limited edition prints while they last to everyone that purchases something from the new collection online!

shop the spring collection now.  I’m especially eying the Dian Jacket and the Faun Dress.

6 Responses to “dallas shaw for dace”

  1. In Honor Of Design said:

    Wow-just came across your blog…absolutely love it!
    Adding you the sidebar links on mine!
    Happy Monday,

  2. kate said:

    What a great combo.
    Love the sketches!

  3. erin said:

    these illustrations are beautiful – and so is the spring video! i am currently in love with the danny pants… now, if only the snow would melt!