found my animal

I’m kind of diggin these leashes from Found my Animal.  the leashes are made from heavy gauge oiled rope, brass Italian hardware and have incredibly nice detailing.  plus, 25% of their proceeds are donated to animal rescue.  fantastic right?  now all I need is a dog

{from found my animal}

5 Responses to “found my animal”

  1. cevd said:

    frances needs a new leash, she is quite picky and this looks perfect!

  2. Kelly said:

    i own one and it’s awesome! you can even attach it to your waist like a belt. and the cause it amazing as well.


  3. rachel said:

    love these! too bad my dog would just chew it up…

  4. kelly said:

    oh i spoil my dog like crazy because he is the most adorable creature ever and this leash is EXACTLY what he needs (i need). getting it immediately!

  5. joanna said:

    ohhhh! thank you for posting. I saw this last summer and fell in love but somehow lost the link and could not remember where i had found this totally cool leash! I have to order! I have been searching! thank you!