house envy pt. 2

Monique Keegan is my interior stylist idol.  her knack for collections and interesting industrial oddities makes me swoon.

I posted photos her Summer Haven getway on mossière a little while ago, but today I came across more photos from the shoot by James Merrell.  total house envy.

7 Responses to “house envy pt. 2”

  1. Brandi said:

    The giant pointy arrow of lights — I need that. I really would love to have some old-fashioned Vegas charm like that in my home someday.
    And I have to tell you, I’m in love with Mossiere. I look forward to your every post on there.

  2. Vivi said:

    I LOVE that grey metal cabinet. So great.

  3. francine gardner said:

    Love the house….as i should since i am crazy for industrial materials and has made it my design and work passion… thanks for such a treat, I could feel at home in these spaces.