let’s run away

lately I’ve been dreaming about just packing up and fleeing to a place where relaxation is the only thing on my mind.  Jess’s series, “Let’s Run Away” is so so perfect in these moments of wander.  a secluded house on a giant cliff, a summer camping trip, a house with walls full of books and a piano I can play…

yes.  running away sounds nice.

6 Responses to “let’s run away”

  1. bargain bex said:

    i’ll take the tent in the backyard, please. oh wait, i guess i should wait until it’s not so darn chilly where i am … come on spring, come on!

  2. Christine said:

    I am soo in need of a relaxing getaway! For me, summer camping is one of the most relaxing things I do. The fresh air makes me sleep so well.