dachshund brooch

I’ve got a crazy love for Dachshund.  every time I see one, my heart flutters.  they are so cute with their little legs!  I adore this little brooch among all the lovely new things from the Steven Alan spring collection.

5 Responses to “dachshund brooch”

  1. Brandi said:

    I love dachshunds. I grew up with one and in seventh grade, I wrote a future letter to myself saying that I wanted to raise and breed dachshunds. That hasn’t happened but I still do love them that much.

  2. Truly Smitten said:

    oh alyson! you’ve truly MADE my day with this precious find! I have two mini-dachshunds and they are AMAZING dogs! You should get one…or two =)

    thanks for sharing ;)

  3. Alex said:

    That’s adorable! I have a mini-dachshund as well and I agree… they are really AMAZING little creatures! Sooo sweet and funny! All the more reason to love all things dachshund!

  4. Laura @ so alaurable said:

    Love the doxie! I grew up with dachshunds and always smile when I come across fun dachshund things like this.