note to self:

start hunting for large antique frames and mirrors to line the ground in a hallway.  and a wire bin.  love that wire bin.

{dlb and I have been house hunting.  I know!  it’s so exciting!}

{from anthropologie}

11 Responses to “note to self:”

  1. freefloatingsoul said:

    i love this post! the picture is awesome!

  2. Kersey said:

    That is SO exciting! I love, love the sweater she is wearing as well as the frames!

  3. Jo said:

    what a great outfit! and of course the frames :)

  4. Brandi said:

    The wire bin is a definite. And I love the frames.
    I need to find a good flea market around San Diego. I just haven’t had any luck yet.

  5. Jane Flanagan said:

    Oooh house-hunting! I’m so excited for you. Everything about this image is stunning. I completely want a wire bin too.

  6. Morgan said:

    I love that outfit and that room. Happy hunting!

  7. Michelle said:

    Good luck with the house hunting!
    P.S. love the picture, that sweater is calling my name :)

  8. laura said:

    note to self…find a wide stripy light cardigan and short pants!

  9. Amy Nieto said:

    Frames are usually that one thing I judge a thrift shop by. Weird, I know. :)