pendleton meets opening ceremony

when I previewed the collection last fall, I had mixed feelings.  I wasn’t that excited about the collection until the lookbook images started fluttering in.  who doesn’t love pastel plaids?  and now this dress, those thigh highs and boots?  perfection.

{available at Frances May}

11 Responses to “pendleton meets opening ceremony”

  1. cevd said:

    it is perfection! but i always kinda knew i loved this collaboration.

  2. Robyn said:

    This is cute! After several of the Fall 2010 shows featuring them, I have a hankering for gray thigh high socks to get me through the last 6 weeks of winter. Do you have any suggestions on where to shop for that?

    ~Robyn, Chi-Chi 

  3. Aubree said:

    I’m drooling over this collection! The native-american inspired print jacket is amazing. Though I agree with Taylor B.-the price is way too scary and definitely out of my price range.