places on earth

I love maps.  I could just stare at a map forever and look at how the roads converge and where the cities meet.

I especially love this map from You Me and the Royal We, complete with tiny push pins to mark off the places you’ve been.

19 Responses to “places on earth”

  1. sylvie of silver lining said:

    i have amassed an impressive assortment of vintage maps that live on the many walls of my apartment. but once again, and because of your post, i have fallen in love with another one!

    thanks for the tip, i can’t wait for my new map :)

    sylvie of silver lining

  2. odessa said:

    oooh, i love maps too! obsessed with them, in fact. btw, there’s a cardigan at anthro that has vintage maps all over it and its really tempting me to break my “no clothes-shopping” rule for lent.

  3. Lillian Chang said:

    Ooh, I love maps!! I used to have a map hanging in my room of all the places I’d been…it’s fills me with wanderlust.
    Usually, I’m looking at a global map and trying to see how close certain countries are, to see how many I can go to on my next big trip…
    It fills me with dreams :)

  4. michelle said:

    I adore maps too, I really want to get a large one to hang in my house.

  5. Dog-Eared said:

    whaaaaaaat. i do believe this is THE BEST world map i’ve ever set eyes on.

  6. Katie said:

    i love maps as well (when my ‘now’ fiance and i moved into our first apartment we had a map shower curtain (oh my!!))….you may have already seen this pretty map..if not, i’m sure you’ll love it!
    just found your blog and really like it : )

  7. jackie said:

    i love maps, too. love the photos…those push pins are great.

  8. Summer said:

    wow, this is too beautiful. now i must have one.

  9. art&soul said:

    it’s lovely
    and there’s my country… Portugal!;)

    nice blog

  10. jen jafarzadeh said:

    love this map — thanks for sharing! I love how it’s simply black and white. I’ve been wanting to keep track of where we’ve been and where we wish to go for a long time.

  11. Cassy said:

    I LOVE this map! But the steep price makes me sad. I will def put this on my wishlist!

  12. Mickstone Designs said:

    Unfortunately, my map wouldn’t have too many push pins, but I love the idea of keeping track…Maybe it would give me a goal for my personal to do list.

  13. Amy Nieto said:

    I have a big ol’ Cracker Barrel road map (did you ever picked those up?(more importantly,did you ever go to CB back in FL?) with pushpins marking the cities I’ve been in this great nation! It sits right above my kitchen sink and is one of the first sights every morning. Pretty inspiring, at least to me ::) :) :)