prarie rugs

we’ve got a really old rug in our kitchen that has been well loved.  we need a new one.  I really like these brightly colored rugs from Prairie Rugs made from 100% recycled cotton and low impact dyes.

8 Responses to “prarie rugs”

  1. victoria said:

    thanks for the link! i’d love to get one of these for the kitchen.

  2. Callie said:

    They are made right here in Minnesota and they ARE beautiful! Good choice.

  3. Ayla said:

    yes! We always had something like that in our kitchen growing up, so it feels very homey to me. Nice to know there are some recycled ones out there too, thanks!

  4. Laura said:

    Ooo, love all of the colors too; plus, you can get them at Target, so easy.