pretty in white

I’ve chosen for my bridesmaids to wear white/ivory/cream dresses of their choosing for our wedding.  while I’m trying to be very open to what they pick, I can’t help but point them in the direction of pretty dresses I find.  these two from Anthropologie are beautiful contenders.

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  1. Sarah said:

    Oh my goodness I love that second dress so much! Wish it came in other colors so I could wear it to a wedding I’m going to this summer!

  2. Lori said:

    I’m loving the dresses AND the idea for bridesmaids. How lovely. Anything from Anthropologie is absolutely divine, isn’t it?

  3. giselle said:

    love love love the second one! two of my bridesmaids wore anthropologie dresses… so pretty!

  4. alyson said:

    good question Taylor! one of my bridesmaids was concerned about the same thing. I fretted over which color dresses I wanted many, many times and nothing really stuck out to me. I’m such a fan of neutral palettes, that in the end I stuck with ivory.

    we’re going for the ultimate casual feel for our wedding. we’re super non-traditional. plus, I think being the bride, of course, and wearing a long dress compared to their short dresses, I’ll stand out plenty. I think everyone will know who’s wedding they’re at. :)

  5. Jessica said:

    Yes I am definitely in love with these!

    I am a bridesmaid at a wedding this June and not sure if the bride is ok with white/ivory dresses for us. I wish these came in other softer colors. Anyone know of great dresses in peach, light grey, or sage green?

  6. alyson said:

    Jessica, have you looked at J. Crew? they have some beautiful pastel dresses! peach sounds so pretty.

  7. Jessica said:

    Alyson – The JCrew Slub silk daydream floral Lorelei dress would have been perfect, but it’s no longer in my size. I’ll keep searching! Thanks for the tip!

  8. freefloatingsoul said:

    More people should let their bridesmaids pick their own dresses… Everybody wearing the same dress and the same shoes is, I personally think, borderline tacky. Mixing it up is so much more appealing. And I feel like the bride will always be able to be distinguished.

    The second dress is awesome!

  9. abby said:

    Those dresses are divine!
    I really love the second one.
    Your wedding sounds like it will be stunning.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Alyson.

  10. Jane Flanagan said:

    I love your approach and either of these dresses would be perfection. Your bridesmaids will love being able to choose with such freedom!!

  11. odessa said:

    alyson, i LOVE the second dress! and i couldn’t get it out of my mind the first time i saw it on the web last tuesday. i might have to pull the trigger and buy this one, even if i have nowhere to wear it to. obsessed much? :)

    anyways, i thought this one from jcrew would be perfect as a bridesmaid dress too: Degradé Seraphina dress

  12. marisa said:

    both are so so pretty. but the 2nd is my fave~ <3

  13. honeyhuckabee said:

    love the idea of a neutral palette, it suits you so well! soft and warm and simply elegant.

  14. Amy Nieto said:

    I would wear that second dress any day… in fact, EVERY day. :)