right this second…

I’m so so glad:
it’s Friday and it’s SUNNY!!!
spring feels like it’s here.

I’m amazed by:
the power of the green screen.

I know I haven’t mentioned it in awhile but:
I’ve been doing major wedding planning lately.  I’m saving all my wedding ideas for a super special guest blogging gig I’m doing in March.

I’m officially obsessed with:
carrot-ginger juice, banana, bee pollen smoothie.  perfected with a dash of cinnamon.  I’ve said it before, but I really heart Prasad.

I’m looking forward to:
getting outside with my camera tomorrow.  it’s been sadly neglected.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend where ever you are!  stay warm, get some fresh air, and laugh … A LOT.  xoxo

{photo from toast}

4 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Robyn said:

    Mmm that picture just makes me feel like I’m on vacation in a beachside village in Mexico. I wish it were warm here! Enjoy your sun girl :)

  2. Annie said:

    Ahh carrot ginger juice is delicious but now I have to try that concoction.

  3. kristina said:

    omg, carrot ginger banana smoothie = the tip top of my list. Here’s my fave combo:

    Carrot-ginger juice
    fresh almond milk (annoying to make, but worth it)

    from Raw Food Real World.

    so so good.

  4. Erin said:

    If you’ve got wedding planning secrets you can share I’d gladlly take them! We’re at 2 months away this week – eek!