the evolution store

a shop full of odd curiosities and natural wonders?  sounds like just the place for me.

{via happy cavalier}

5 Responses to “the evolution store”

  1. Colleen said:

    There used to be an tiny actual store that sold things like this in Allston, MA when I was in college (it’s now been replaced with a tattoo parlor). I remember they had two little taxidermied ducklings: one had a top hat and one had a bonnet, and for some reason I really really wanted to buy them. However, since they were real, I still found them to be a little creepy at the same time (so I never bought them). Neat to find an online store that reminds me of that old store!

  2. abby said:

    i love the butterflies. a friend of mine has a wall of them framed.

  3. valerie said:

    I love this store! They have one in NY. I bought some butterflies from them awhile back!

  4. Nicole said:

    this is one of my favorite stores in nyc! i’ve gotten several amazing things from it and plan to have a curiosity cabinet of my own someday. definitely worth a visit :)

  5. Emily said:

    I just discovered this store recently while wandering around Soho (nyc)… it is SO cool.