wood slice cheese board

I’m sort of dying over these wood slice cheese boards from Herriott Grace.  not to mention Nikole’s impeccable styling and oh that vintage pyrex.

17 Responses to “wood slice cheese board”

  1. Jane Flanagan said:

    Owning something from Herriott Grace is a special thing. You should definitely get it!!

  2. Robyn said:

    Oh, me too! I love these cheese boards. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    ~Robyn, Chi-Chi 

  3. nikole said:

    hiya a. thanks miss. like topographical maps i think. and the pyrex, still has me a little melty. :)

  4. jen jafarzadeh said:

    I scored one of Nikole’s amazing cheeseboards and a spoon at the last shop update. I’m giving them to a close friend as a belated wedding gift. It will be so hard to not keep them for myself!

  5. Ace said:

    yum, that’s lovely, it makes me hungry.

  6. Dani Kreeft said:

    o dear.
    this is RAD. o to have everything in a kitchen that we dream of.


  7. eva jorgensen said:

    oh, i am drooling over these! such a wonderful use of wood’s natural beauty!

  8. amy said:

    suddenly my cheese board seems kinda lame. love this one.

  9. honeyhuckabee said:

    oh this is the *perfect* housewarming gift for my boyfriend.. he loves cheese!!
    so glad you shared this!

  10. Katie said:

    wow..these are flawless…love of cheese (check)…love of organic looking, yet usefull utencils (check)….oh, perfection!

  11. DiogyAgrini said:

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