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basil garden candles

I buy fresh basil every time I’m at the farmers market.  I can’t resist it’s fresh aroma and taste, of course!   I spotted this garden candle at Terrain.  wouldn’t it be fun to have your kitchen smell like basil all year long?  I love that it’s in a cute weck jar too.


I got a bike!

I’ve been talking about getting a bike for so long now.  the new place where dlb and I are living is just a short distance to my office and in a great location for walking or… bike riding!  after walking to work for almost two weeks now, I finally decided it was bike time.

over the weekend I test rode a Linus Mixte.  I fell in love with the 60’s French inspired design, the smooth ride and those leather handle bars.  I wasn’t sure about the color choices but ultimately went with black, of course.  I love it!

once we brought it home, dlb and I quickly got our things together and set off for an afternoon bike ride.  it was so warm yesterday!  the sun felt great and it was so wonderful to ride!  we headed to a restaurant in our neighborhood for beer & nachos {the perfect bike riding treat} and off we went for more riding until the sun went down.

{top photo at the Linus show room in Venice, bottom photo from Linus Bikes}


my “making a bouquet” experience

in the beginning, DLB and I planned on picking flowers from a local farm in Portland.  however, during our wedding planning progress, I began to really stress about this.  not only would it take a LOT of time in out of our already crunched schedule, but I’d have to create our bouquets as well.  being on the fence, I decided to experiment by creating a bouquet to see if I could really do it or not.

we’ve ultimately decided to go with a florist, not only for my sanity, but mostly because I know they will do above and beyond anything I can produce.  but, you can see the results of my bouquet I created on 100 Layer Cake today.

{photo by me}


only a few left

hi friends!  just wanted to let you know there are just a few left of the Imagination Poster in the shop.  I’m not sure if we’ll be printing more of these guys, so if you had your eyes on one, grab it now.

in other Postal Press news, I’ve been working on a few new posters to add to the shop, as well as working on some custom wedding invites and business card designs that I can’t wait to show you.  an update will come soon.