a.p.c. madras

I know I say this every time… but A.P.C. really did it right with their Spring Madras collection.  so many things to love.

8 Responses to “a.p.c. madras”

  1. thecolorplaid said:

    That bathing suit is darling! i wish i had time to buy it before my trip to cali tomorrow! :) :)

  2. amber renee said:

    ohh, love this post AND this blog. adding you to my link directory — very cute layout. this outfit looks so comfortable!

  3. e.soule said:

    I adore A.P.C. I can see you wearing that entire outfit, so Alyson-esque.

  4. Halla said:

    I just received the bathing suit in the mail today! I was so very excited. Unfortunately the sizing is bigger than expected. I might have to gorge myself before basking in the sun. No complaints.