good morning

good morning friends!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  we took advantage of the sun {and near 70 degree weather!!!} on Saturday and spent most of our day outside soaking up all the vitamin D we could handle.  we headed to the farmers market, I test rode two bikes, had lunch with a cute couple and their new baby, bought some new plants for our apartment and lounged in the sun.  all in all, a great weekend!

on another note, I’m guest blogging on 100 Layer Cake this week.  oh right… remember, I’m engaged and planning our wedding this summer?  I try not to talk too much about it here, not wanting this to turn into wedding central.  so I was delighted when the ladies at 100 Layer Cake asked me to chip in with my wedding thoughts and ideas.  hop on over to see our summer wedding inspiration!  and welcome if you’re just joining me from there.

happy monday friends!

{photo by me}

5 Responses to “good morning”

  1. kate said:

    so funny, I totally forgot for a minute there you were engaged! :)

  2. Brandi said:

    I like that you didn’t turn your blog into wedding central, but that you’re still willing to talk about what you’re up to with your plans now and then. And that little collection in your photograph? Just so sweet.

  3. cathie said:

    i love your plant displays! and your giant beaker haha