happy monday

hi friends!  sorry for my abrupt disappearing act last week.  I didn’t even post a “right this second…” which is so unlike me!  I’ve just been so busy that I can hardly keep my head straight.  not to mention, on top of all the busyness, dlb and I move into our new apartment at the end of this week!  yikes!  so as a warning, posting may be light this week and next week as I settle into my schedule.

on a lighter note, dlb and I took advantage of the amazing sunny weekend in Portland and drove out to the coast Saturday for a relaxing day away from all that keeps us busy.  we hiked, we laughed, we ran on a deserted beach, we hunted for agates and came home with quartz geode-like crystals, and overall, had a wonderful time just being together.

I hope your week is off to an wonderful start.  xoxo.

20 Responses to “happy monday”

  1. Daniella said:

    Wow! Are those your photos? That beach view is amazing…

  2. Sarah said:

    Wow, what a gorgeous day! Glad you were able to get away. Can’t wait to see what fun you’ve been working on and also how the new place comes along!

  3. alicia bock said:

    I got married on the beach, just below the bench were you were sitting. It still looks just as lovely as always, and brightens my day to see it. Thanks so much for sharing. – A.

  4. chaucee said:

    Looks like a gorgeous, relaxing place. It’s always nice to have a getaway.

  5. Brandi said:

    Alyson, these pictures have convinced me that I need to visit the Portland area. Maybe I’ll just drive up the entire Pacific coast while I’m at it. Your photos are beautiful and so powerful.

  6. Rose said:

    Those photos are like a breath of fresh air!
    ~Rose from theskytheykeep.blogspot.com

  7. Laura said:

    Those photos are incredible! How amazing to have that scenery right in your neck of the woods. How rejuvenating it must be!

  8. joanna goddard said:

    what gorgeous photos! portland always looks SO amazing, we secretly want to move there. sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, hope things get more relaxing soon! xoxo good luck with the move!!!

  9. Maggie said:

    Gorgeous photos–Oregon is just beautiful, sometimes I think I like it even more than Washington (where I live). I hope the move goes smoothly!

  10. milan said:

    wowie wow wow, i love these beach photos. Esp the light through the trees.. :)

  11. kate so said:

    Wow…what part of the coast did you go to? We are heading out that way for a little road trip this May. (Via: Portland – Sandpoint, ID for a wedding – Bend – OR Coast – Portland) Any suggestions?

  12. alyson said:

    there are so many fantastic places to visit on the Coast! if your up for hiking, I’d suggest Ecola State Park or Neahkahnie Mountain. otherwise, Cannon Beach, Astoria, Seaside, Newport, all great options. have fun!

  13. Aron Bruhn said:

    Wow these photos are fantastic. The top one reminds me of a spot we looked at for our wedding in central CA. It was just us and the cows up there. Where was this? I’d love to go next time we can visit OR.

  14. Laure OM said:

    Your blog is so lovely and your tastes are exquisit! The photos are amazing and makes you so appreciative of life.