hidden spectrum

I’m loving this collection from Vancouver clothing company, Hidden Spectrum.

{available at frances may}

9 Responses to “hidden spectrum”

  1. Jen said:

    These are all so lovely. Simple and light.

  2. bargain bex said:

    i love this flowy, frock-filled collection too! so very pretty (almost as much as i love my daily dose of unruly things? if you ever get a spare second, take a peek over at the blog o’ mine, maybe we could play a game of blogroll/link love switcharoo?)


  3. Lulu said:

    Simply beautiful, I’m always on the ‘less is more’ page!

  4. Enchanted Royals said:

    I’ve been wearing my hair that way literally every day while my hair grows out of an awkward phase…these photos make me feel better about the monotony :)

    Beautiful styling.

  5. Patricia said:

    Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback. Our online shop just launched this week!