I got a bike!

I’ve been talking about getting a bike for so long now.  the new place where dlb and I are living is just a short distance to my office and in a great location for walking or… bike riding!  after walking to work for almost two weeks now, I finally decided it was bike time.

over the weekend I test rode a Linus Mixte.  I fell in love with the 60’s French inspired design, the smooth ride and those leather handle bars.  I wasn’t sure about the color choices but ultimately went with black, of course.  I love it!

once we brought it home, dlb and I quickly got our things together and set off for an afternoon bike ride.  it was so warm yesterday!  the sun felt great and it was so wonderful to ride!  we headed to a restaurant in our neighborhood for beer & nachos {the perfect bike riding treat} and off we went for more riding until the sun went down.

{top photo at the Linus show room in Venice, bottom photo from Linus Bikes}

31 Responses to “I got a bike!”

  1. abby said:

    This is such a cute bike! I’m glad that its looks match the performance as I’ve looked into one for my next bike but haven’t had a chance to try one out yet.

  2. krys kirkpatrick said:

    Oh I have been thinking of getting a bike forever. I see they have a dealer in seattle, I will check them out! Did you know the Ace hotel in portland OR lets you use, for free one of those cool black dutch bikes!

  3. e.soule said:

    You’re new bike is adorable! Perfect for riding around town this summer.

  4. Lori said:

    I am so envious. Sounds perfect. Enjoy your new plaything. :)

  5. Alice said:

    Excellent choice :) I have been wishing for a wide handlebar, nice and upright bike. Not that I need another bike…

  6. jen jafarzadeh said:

    so fun! sounds like the perfect evening. I’m still too chicken to ride a bike in Brooklyn, but going for a ride definitely sounds like the perfect inauguration to spring.

  7. laura fenton said:

    Enjoy it! Just be sure to get a clip-on flashing light to wear at night–it makes a huge difference in how visible you are to cars.

  8. Sarah said:

    I love this bike! I have a simple mountain bike that I got off Craig’s List but man, I sure love it in the spring, summer and fall!

  9. dc said:

    yay mixte!! i built myself a mixte last summer after a few years of riding a road bike. i love a mixte they are so versatile and good looking! congrats and happy riding!

  10. joyce said:

    what a beaut!! that is one good-looking set of wheels.

  11. cathie said:

    lucky! i haven’t biked since i visited santa barbara & i miss it so!

  12. Lili said:

    what a gorgeous bike! vintage looking classy ones are always a great choice. I went with a schwinn comfort bike on a rushed purchase but will be drooling over Velorbis bikes probably forever.

  13. Anabela said:

    Ahhh so lucky! It’s such a nice one. That brand isn’t sold anywhere in Canada, but it seems to be reasonably priced!

  14. tiffany rounds said:

    i’m so jealous! i think linus bikes are FABULOUS! this one is definitely on my wish list! congrats on such a fun purchase! :)

  15. Caroline, No. said:

    Congratulations! I couldn’t live without my bike. I get all my best inspiration whilst riding my bike, too. :)

  16. Stephanie said:

    You’re kidding! I just bought my very own black Linus Mixte last month! I have been loving every second I spend on it. Happy riding!

  17. Brigitta Ryan {duo} said:

    very cool. Are Portland drivers nice to bike riders? In Sydney car drivers seem to hate cyclists! So it’s not very safe. Is it different in Portland?

  18. Whatever DeeDee Wants said:

    Yay for bikes! My mother in law just gave me her retro (completely restored) schwinn, I can’t wait to go for a ride!

  19. joanna goddard said:

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE linus bikes!!!! you are so lucky and must look adorable riding it around town! xoxo

  20. Ashley from Hither and Thither said:

    What a gorgeous bike! It’s getting to the point that we may need to make room for on in our teeny apartment… this one would be welcome anytime.

  21. Haydee said:

    What a great bike! Your bike ride sounds really fun too. I need to do that!

  22. Sylvia said:

    Awesome bike! Is it heavy? I am upgrading my hybrid bike for a slimmer road bike and this one seems perfect :)

  23. Amanda Z from NYC said:

    Biking should be a required weekly event, like going to church, or visiting your in-laws. :)

  24. Amelia said:

    Hey Alison,

    I’m just wondering how much you need to lean forward on this bike, or is it more in a sitting up position? It’s always hard to tell from photos of just the bike, and since you’ve ridden it I just thought I’d ask….finding a bike that’s comfortable on your back can be a challenge!