my “making a bouquet” experience

in the beginning, DLB and I planned on picking flowers from a local farm in Portland.  however, during our wedding planning progress, I began to really stress about this.  not only would it take a LOT of time in out of our already crunched schedule, but I’d have to create our bouquets as well.  being on the fence, I decided to experiment by creating a bouquet to see if I could really do it or not.

we’ve ultimately decided to go with a florist, not only for my sanity, but mostly because I know they will do above and beyond anything I can produce.  but, you can see the results of my bouquet I created on 100 Layer Cake today.

{photo by me}

5 Responses to “my “making a bouquet” experience”

  1. stephanie renee said:

    I love the bouquet you made, so sweet and simple! I tried to make everything for my wedding, but gave up the flowers at the last minute. It was probably for the best since I didn’t have nearly as much time the day before as I thought I would. You can still go along to pick out all the flowers, which was a lot of fun.

  2. Alex said:

    I did everything for my own wedding 2 years ago and I really enjoyed the challenge. I loved the way everything looked in the end it was so personal and perfect…so us! The only thing I did not enjoy was the stress I felt the day before my wedding. Flowers are something you have to leave until the last minute if you are making your own. I did not take into account the amount of extra work this would create on the few last hours before the event. I ended up staying up until 2am finishing the flowers the night before my wedding (with help). If I could go back and change something about the way I did things… I would hire a florist this time!:)

  3. Jane Flanagan said:

    I love the one you created! Very beautiful. Though I think you should enjoy your day and leave it to a florist. Your flower arranging skills can be flexed any time!

  4. Chelsea said:

    My neighbors and my husband did our flowers for the wedding. My neighbors picked local flowers and placed them in our house for the reception while we were at the rehearsal dinner the night before. Luckily, they offered their services for the task. This is something, if you are on a budget, that any good neighbor/friend, if asked, would jump to the occasion and surpass your expectations. My husband used the vases of flowers my neighbors brought over and made a bouquet tied with ribbon. It was exactly the colorful kind of bouquet I had in my dreams. With a budget and a small wedding party, we were able to have the wedding of our dreams, with lots of support from our family and friends. That worked for us. What works for you may be different. The bouquet was beautiful. Maybe you could be a good neighbor when a friend is getting married and take some floral tasks off her hands to help with the stress you know so much about!