school uniforms

from kindergarten to my Sophomore year of high school, I wore a plaid pleated jumper or skirt, navy blazer, oxford shirt and penny loafers.  these photos from Tamara Muth-King make uniforms look so pretty.  they sort of make me nostalgic for my childhood.

did you ever wear a uniform to school?

{from tamara muth-king, via frolic!}

15 Responses to “school uniforms”

  1. stephanie renee said:

    i wish! pretty much my style of dressing…a handful of classic pieces that can be worn in different combinations.

  2. Meg said:

    Plaid kilt, oxford shirt, knee socks, sweater, tie, blazer – the works. I never looked as laissez-fair French as these beautiful girls. Uniforms suit Europeans much better, don’t you think?

  3. laura said:

    I love the idea of smart, well tailored, well designed school uniforms.
    Unfortunately where my husband teaches all the kids look like they work at Office Max (khaki pants, navy polos)

  4. honeyhuckabee said:

    I always liked the idea of wearing a school uniform but never had to. These are too cute tho!

  5. Meghan said:

    These girls look way cuter than I did in my uniform growing up – plaid kilt, oxford shirt, penny loafers. I complained about it every day, but looking back I’m grateful that I didn’t have to worry about what to wear every day!

  6. bargain bex said:

    no, but i always, always, always wanted to and these pictures prove it! :)

  7. beth h said:

    I did… and like stated above, mine were not nearly as good looking. plaid jumper (kindergarten through 3rd grade), navy skirt (4th-5th), plaid skirt (6th-8th), khaki pants (I went through stages of never wanting to wear a plaid skirt again and went for pants), sweater vests, polo shirts, no jewelery, no makeup, skirts had to touch the ground when kneeling… and the boys in my non-air-conditioned school were ecstatic when khaki shorts were allowed in the last month and first month of school.

  8. Anabela said:

    Oh man, this was me. Untucked button-down shirt, knee socks, plaid kilt… and Doc Martens boots, which were against uniform policy.

  9. josephine said:

    yup, i wore a uniform from kindergarten until high school. i think that’s where the preppy side of my taste comes from.

  10. emily said:

    I wore a uniform from grade 1 to 7. While most kids complained about it and my mum constantly marveled at the fact that I could get grass stains on the top of my solders, I really liked wearing uniforms. It made getting ready in the morning much easier. I wish I had to wear one in high school too.

  11. Brittany said:

    Yep…First to 11th grade. And as with most of you, it also involved plaid jumpers, navy skirts etc. AND much to my dismay giant timberland thick soled shoes with funky socks which accentuated my skinnier than toothpick legs. Now I wear brogues and tasseled loafers and wish that wearing them with knee highs and kilts and blazers was completely acceptable and not verging on some sordid schoolgirl affair!
    As for europeans and uniforms…I agree! I live in London now and the kids uniforms are absolutely darling. The girls even wear flat straw hats with ribbon AND the boys wear knee highs and flat caps. Seriously. And because everyone wears uniforms no one is getting the crap beaten out of them!

  12. hk said:

    i never went to school, i was ALWAYS jelly of those cute plaid uni’s

  13. chelsea said:

    So jealous! I never got to wear a uniform:) Thanks for the link. Hope the move went well.

  14. jen jafarzadeh said:

    I wore a uniform in high school (Catholic school), and I have to say I loved the ease of it. I’m a little sad my mom didn’t keep my navy pleated skirt and oxfords around.