a few things I’ve been collecting…

if you read my guest posts on 100 Layer Cake, you know we’ve been collection lab glass for our wedding decor.  here’s a shot of some things I’ve bought or thrifted recently.

14 Responses to “a few things I’ve been collecting…”

  1. nicole b. said:

    Beautiful finds!

  2. Diana said:

    Very stylish!so I’ll try this the kitchen :)

  3. Jillian said:

    Oh wow, these are so beautiful! I have thrift store envy.

  4. Lexie said:

    i love that you’ve been collecting lab glass! one of my good friends is a chem major and keeps her scarves in a beaker! i love it.

  5. Brandi said:

    Alyson, I love that you’re such a science geek. I need to start thrifting for some cool lab glassware like this. They’re perfect for your wedding decor. I can’t wait to see more photos!

  6. Nadia said:

    I love this idea! Have you tried asking around at local schools? I know UW periodically has flea/rummage sales where they sell school supplies (like lab gear) that they no longer need. I wonder if OHSU or PSU has a simmilar system?

  7. Bridget said:

    …being a sciencey person myself, I don’t think I would ever buy something used unless I knew for sure that no one would be drinking out it…it just gives me the willies. There are a few stores online that sell new glassware, and while it doesn’t give the cool old vintage look, it’s loads safer. Just my two cents…I’m not meaning to burst any bubbles…

  8. Bridget said:

    I just checked your post on 100 Layer Cake which states you’re planning to use them as centerpieces — which is definitely not drinking out of them (phew!) but I’d still worry about chemicals leaking into the water and killing flowers and such. I’d suggest Alcanox (a fairly strong lab detergent), but there’s also the possibility that the glassware has acid/base residues that could be dangerous to just wash down the sink, or to splash on you accidentally while cleaning. I don’t know—I love this idea myself (might even steal it someday!) but I would just go ahead and buy new (and I’m the thrift store queen, so that’d be a big deal for me).

  9. lauren said:

    really? seriously? you took this photo and these are your things? amazing! this photo is totally gorgeous, LOVE!