baby giraffe no. 3

oh my gosh…  could this 3 month old giraffe be any cuter?  watch the Etsy video of photographer Sharon Montrose with a behind the scenes footage of her photoshoot with this guy.

thanks for sending me this, Sharon!

9 Responses to “baby giraffe no. 3”

  1. Sharon said:

    Thanks for sharing him : )

  2. chelsea said:

    SO adorable!! I am never one to gush over animals but giraffes are too cool.

  3. freefloatingsoul said:

    aww i looooove this!

  4. Ashley at Hither and Thither said:

    There are a lot of cute baby pics around the web these days, but he gets my prize! Look at those knees, that expression–he looks so perfectly awkward!

  5. Robyn said:

    Awww! I love this! I actually collect giraffes, so I’m predisposed to love this little munchkin. I wonder if giraffes make good pets? Kidding, kidding…


  6. Amy Nieto said:

    My goodness, what a fabulous job. The fluffy bunny and giraffe have melted my cold, snake heart.

  7. Leigha said:

    I want to take him home with me. I don’t know that I can resist the urge to immediately repost this!