I noticed something…

I’ve never been much of a pink person.  but somewhere along the way, I’ve fallen in love with tints of coral.

{photos from maplesyruponly, stephaniecb, for me for you}

17 Responses to “I noticed something…”

  1. Amy Nieto said:

    Muuuahahah maybe it has been my infuence :) Coral is a purdy color :)

  2. Sarah said:

    Love that last image. That Kate sure is talented!

  3. Vivi said:

    It’s that natural pink washed out in the sun that I love too. :)

  4. beth h said:

    I have always had a dislike of pink (because it was forced upon me being a girl?)… but corals have slowly been seeping into my favor the past few years.

  5. myra :: twigs & honey said:

    oh YEAH! I’m sooo on that bandwagon. My favorite color for hair pieces is pinks, peaches and corals. Another creative lady in passing called it “apricot”. :)

  6. Laura said:

    I love pink and I always have. I managed to persuade my boyf to paint the walls in our bedroom light pink and now he also loves it!

  7. Anabela said:

    Oh me too! I don’t really care for pink-pink, but peachy tones & corals are so perfect. I guess I can’t get away from my childhood obsession with pink (which my parents thought was so funny).

  8. Becca said:

    Yes! I’ve always been that girl who didn’t want “girly pink stuff”, but lately and rather against my will (ha ha) I’ve been interested in pink. Just a few shades, just a few colors. It can look so good, though, with orange…

  9. taryn said:

    i agree… i’m starting to like pale pinks and corals, but in small hints. so not normally me either!

  10. Alex S. said:

    I know what you mean. I have never been into pink or pastel shades. I’m more of a primary colour girl. Coral has been creeping into my wardrobe lately. There’s something about summer sun-kissed skin and coral!

  11. Karin said:

    OMGoodness…that beverage looks so refreshing! I love these photos and I love coral. :)

  12. sera said:

    I’ve never liked pink much either, and then lately, I’ve totally fallen for the corals and pale dusty rose hues. gorgeous with something dark and moody.