look at all those colors!

oh Frye… there you go tugging on my heart strings again.  but this time you make me choose between 16 different colors.

I think I like Spice the best.  which color would you pick?

21 Responses to “look at all those colors!”

  1. Megan said:

    Oh My, these are fantastic! I just found your blog- love it!

  2. Elise said:

    The amount of colors is pretty overwhelming. But, I think I like the burnt red best…

  3. Fee-AMore said:

    I like Spice too! In any case, these colours are all lovely.

  4. cathie said:

    i like ecru — the off-white one. haha, i’m a boring no frills girl & i can’t hack those bold colors!

  5. Jane said:

    Ooh i like the grey. But I’m sure if I saw all 16 in a store, I would try all 16 on. haha. they’re so cute!

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach

  6. rikshaw design said:

    i love that plum color!!!need to get these!

  7. Ashley said:

    Oh, I just saw these online – love. I’m having quite the time trying to decide what brand to go with for my summer sneaks, but Frye has never done me wrong. I like the colors at 12 o’clock and 9 o’clock best. A little color, but still fairly neutral.

  8. Robyn said:

    Frye is always giving me the achy breaky heart. I think that Berry or Lavender is my favorite!

  9. Vivi said:

    Great spring colors! I love the shade of the green ones – like the perfect shade of grass.

  10. Erin said:

    hey lady – totally off topic, but loved your 100 layer cake posts! I so need bouquet making tutorial. The wedding is getting down to crunch time :)

  11. Ashley from Hither and Thither said:

    These are so pretty–especially in a grouping like this. If I had my fantasy walk-in closet I would frame this image and put it in there (with the shoes, of course). I love color arrangements like this. Must reach back to fond memories of crayola.

  12. m.fay said:

    choices…just like candy, so hard to decide. i’ll take the purple, or the blue, or the grey…LOVE it!


  13. Enchanted Royals said:

    Tan or taupe for me. Just what I need, another sneaker to covet. I actually think the most exciting thing is the image of the color wheel of sneakers! So nice.

  14. Jen said:

    I would pick the grey or lavender because they are light and neutral, allowing me to wear them with EVERYTHING.

  15. Elizabeth said:

    I love the Berry color. Lately, I’ve been really attracted to purple colors!