marais spring collection

I’m in love with just about everything from the Marais Spring collection, especially those cute espadrilles.  I’ll take a pair in red and blue, please!

thanks Haley!

8 Responses to “marais spring collection”

  1. roberta jane said:

    yes! the espadrilles! they have them at anthropologie – think i may have finally found something to buy with my giftcard!

  2. emily said:

    I love those espadrilles! Oh my I hope the Urban Outfitters here has some, if not I may have to venture to the states.

  3. Ashley said:

    Love these new additions! But it seems like the prices have gone up considerably, no?

  4. amy said:

    i just saw these somewhere today…love ‘em!

  5. abby said:

    loved my chelsea boots from them! time to peruse the warmer weather shoes . . .