oh rachel…

I’m cursing my big feet right now.  not only do these amazing sandals run a half size small, but I’ve googled and searched for them just about everywhere and sadly it seems they are only offered up to size 9.5.

le sigh…

10 Responses to “oh rachel…”

  1. agnes said:

    oh, wow..those look so pretty! ;) it’s a pitty you can’t find them in your size! :/

  2. Karen said:

    At the risk of sounding slightly DIY crazy, you could make them yourself. I just made a run to Tandy Leather Factory yesterday and it looks like they would have what you need. They have many retail locations and online shopping.

  3. alyson said:

    thanks Gretchen! I saw those – but I’m looking for the brown color.

    Karen – genius!!

  4. alex and amy said:

    Your blog is making me want to shop….damn you! : )
    Loving those sandals, following your blog.

    xx from San Francisco


  5. Ashley said:

    perfection. and you just KNOW they’ll be out of the size you want when they go on sale, right?

  6. Jamie said:

    I feel your pain. I seem wear a size 10 1/2. Often 10s are too big and 11s are too small. On a lighter note, someone once told me, “well, you won’t blow over in the wind.” Ha. Ha.