sessun spring/summer ’10

it’s been raining for two solid weeks in Portland.  I agree with Jess – we’ve been transported back to mid-January with cold wind and hard rain.  I’m ready for shorts and sleeveless dresses and bare legs!

if I could, I’d be wearing these pretty outfits from Sessun’s Spring Summer Collection.  those yellow shorts are perfect.

come on summer!

11 Responses to “sessun spring/summer ’10”

  1. thecolorplaid said:

    gorgeous! love every outfit. [if it makes you feel any better, vancouver (b.c.) hasn't been that much nicer. i saw a glimpse of the sun yesterday and this morning. only to remind me what it looks like. but then it went away!]

  2. Melissa A. said:

    I agree. I’m from the Seattle area and it’s been the same way here, cold, gray and raining. I’d love to put on a summer dress, get myself a shaken ice tea from Starbucks and walk by the river near my house.

  3. agnes said:

    such a wonderful blog of yours..been following for quite a while! love this design very much! and that Sessun collection is just divine! lovely! dearest greets! ♡

  4. casey said:

    i’ve never heard of sessun. i would wear it all. not sure that’s a good thing.

    i’m in denver, it’s gray and there are predictions of snow. what i wouldn’t give for sock-less attire

  5. cathie said:

    i love that first dress — i’m looking for something just like it for this summer!

  6. bargain bex said:

    what a pretty little collection – i agree with the weather sentiments – i’m ready to wear flowy dresses and show my legs what the sun looks like – much to my shagrin, Utah isn’t cooperating (we had a freak snowstorm last night that drifted into bizarre windy conditions for today) come on, spring. we’re ALL ready for you!

  7. Robyn said:

    I do love those yellow shorts. What a fun, bohemian vibe!