sponsor & giveaway – brown bag vintage

such a pretty collection of vintage clothes from Brown Bag Vintage.

Michelle is offering one Unruly Things reader a $20 gift card to use on anything purchased from Brown Bag Vintage!  hoorah!  all you need to do is take a peek at the shop and leave a comment here saying how you’d spend your $20.  you have until Wednesday night at 11pm PST to enter and a winner will be announced on Thursday.  thanks Michelle!

59 Responses to “sponsor & giveaway – brown bag vintage”

  1. Asha said:

    gasp! I love her shop. I’m not sure what I would decide on, but I will say that a gift certificate would be a great excuse to grab a few things while I was shoppin there. ;)

    Love it!

  2. allison g said:

    oh my! she has beautiful things. it’s not usually my style, but the yellow crochet mini dress is really catching my eye. might not be able to wait until wednesday night… :)

    great giveaway – thanks!

  3. Genevieve said:

    Would definitely get the sweetheart black floral dress. Its so pretty!

  4. Em Stewart said:

    I would buy the vintage Scott full plaid black and red mini skirt!

  5. janet said:

    wow lot’s of interesting unique things. I would put that 20 into that amazing charcoal wrap or that very cute pink plaid top. perfect for the current weather!

  6. Lily said:

    I’d go for that sweet charcoal sweater wrap, orrrrrr… maybe the white Bass Sunjuns for summertime (they’re my size)!

  7. michelle said:

    Everything is so lovely! But I must say, the mink hat has caught my eye – it reminds me of the pictures of my great grandma, who always was dressed to the hilt for every occasion! thanks for this delightful opportunity!

  8. Holli said:

    That yellow crochet dress would be perfect to wear to my best friends graduation :)

  9. Sarah said:

    I love the Birds of a Feather top! Would wear it with a flowy skirts, wedges, and an oversized bag. So cute!

  10. Kate said:

    I would definitely put the $20 towards the mellow yellow dress. Perfect for summer!

  11. beth h said:

    I’m loving the birds of a feather top!

  12. emma said:

    I would definitely have to go for the vintage pom pom patent leather heels! I have 2 weddings coming up and they would be the perfect shoes to wear :)

  13. kate said:

    so many pretty things! i’d use the $20 towards the vintage spring floral wrap dress. i love it!

  14. Janelle said:

    I love the Georgio Striped Canvas Tote. So adorable for spring and summer.

  15. Sam said:

    I love the red plaid mini skirt. It’s so simple, but somehow it’s so perfect. I love the way it’s styled, too.

  16. chaucee said:

    I would definitely get the Georgio striped canvas bag. Adorable! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one …. what a great giveaway!

  17. Stephanie Caldwell said:

    ooh i like the military mini dress, pink plaid button shirt or the striped canvas tote. Such a great shop!

  18. Melissa said:

    Ooh, what a nice shop! All of the dresses are adorable, though I think that the double cross mini military dress would be great for the summer.

  19. Sarah said:

    I’d definitely go with the charcoal sweater wrap! such a great shop though!

  20. candace morris said:

    ack! that cute parrot skirt is too much. i might not be able to wait to win a gift certif!

  21. Sarah said:

    Great giveaway! I would probably put it towards one of her awesome dresses!

  22. Crystl C said:

    Gorgeous – I love how the Ivana Red Pocket Cardigan pops, and I would definitely put the gift certi towards that

  23. Jenny said:

    I love love love the Chocolate Shimmer mini dress. I have also been a big fan of Brown Bag Vintage for a long time. :)

  24. sara said:

    I’d love to put that $20 dollars toward that silk wrap dress. Perfect for spring!

  25. Rebecca G said:

    How I’d spend the gift certificate? Easy! I think the vintage NIGHT black suede boots in size 9 were meant for me!

  26. Liz said:

    Oooh I seriously love the orange crush caped minidress…and all the rest too!

  27. Courtney said:

    my my! i might just need that “mellow yellow” full skirt dress.

  28. Danielle N. said:

    This is a fantastic site & giveaway. I would purchase the AYE AYE sailor pullover. Thanks.

  29. rosa said:

    Definitely the vintage charcoal sweater wrap. Will need it as i’ll be in the Northern hemisphere winter this year, instead of being in sunny Australia!

    …although the MELLOW YELLOW embroidered full skirt dress is so lovely…hmmm.

  30. Laura said:

    The Vintage Squiggle Wrap Skirt. Definitely.

  31. Rosa said:

    Oh I love everything! Especially the circa 1980’s dresses. I’m turning 30 this year and celebrating with an ’80’s party. The gift certificate will definitely help me look 80’s rad for my party!

  32. katrina said:

    oh i would totally buy that polka dot dress! so cute.

  33. sarah said:

    oh! I’d get the striped nautical top or the grey cage heels or the parrot skirt! (Probably the parrot skirt – so cute!)

    thanks to you and Michelle for this sweet offer!

  34. jenquie.sundee said:

    Brown Bag Vintage is such a cute store! I would spend the giftcard on that sweet purple belted mini dress.

    P.S. Love the blog!

  35. Jessie said:

    love the polka dot secretary dress and the golden floral tent dress!

  36. Sara Walk said:

    oh its so hard to choose…can I choose 2?? I am obsessed with the 1070’s hooded folk sweater and am just in love with the Garden Floral mini dress.

  37. shafina said:

    oh i would get the ‘vintage OLIVIA brown floral romper dress’ :)

  38. Robin said:

    This shop is so memorable with the lovely white wall as the background! There are many lovely things the peplum wrap top, the eskimo jacket is AMAZING, but I think I love the silk floral wrap dress the best! Yep, that is my favorite :)

  39. Megan said:

    I am really digging the Georgio bag. I love the stripes and yellow!

  40. kate said:

    I would most definitely spend that gift card on the delicious Georgio stripped tote. Perfect for summertime and for a tote kinda girl.

  41. Laura said:

    I love everything in this shop. What a wonderful giveaway!

    I love the oversized cardigans and the Secretary Mini Dress. I know the black lace leggings don’t come with the dress, but I love the whole look. Very vintage chic.

  42. Alison said:

    I love everything in Brown Bag Vintage’s shop, but I gotta say that my favorites are the Black Mink Bow Headband and the Charcoal Wrap!

  43. sara.k said:

    so many delectable items! i adore brown bag vintage! i think i would put the gift cert towards the gorgeous charcoal sweater wrap (perfect for the current weather and cool evenings) or the lovely silk floral wrap dress (in honour of spring). or i might wait to see what new great finds michelle posts, in hope for the perfect summer dress! so delightful….

  44. Cynthia said:

    I love the floral wrap dress! So lovely!

  45. kate said:

    I’d put it towards one of those cute summery dresses!

  46. Amy Wing said:

    Heck yes I would love a gift certificate for Michelle’s shop, its adorable. I think my pick would be the “vintage NIGHT black suede boots” I think they would look great with a dress (and maybe tights until it warms up just a touch more here in Oregon!)

  47. Emily said:

    I’m such a fan of this shop! At the moment the silk teeny floral wrap dress is calling my name.

  48. Chelsy said:

    I would definitely get the vintage Scott full plaid mini skirt that’s black and red with the gorgeous sash. It’s so perfect for a bunch of different occasions, and the sash is freaking adorable. Yeah, I’m kind of in love with it!

  49. Kelly said:

    oh i’ve always loved brown bag vintage! it’s a tough choice, i would have to go for the vintage rust nubby sweater..

  50. Stephanie said:

    I would love the vintage plaid shirt dress, I love anything plaid or gingham!

  51. Rose said:

    Awww, there are some stuff I fell in love with so it’s quite a hard choice, but I will probably go with vintage FIRST KISS plaid ruffle tiered mini dress. It looks so playful and fun!