bathroom plants

I was swooning over the sneak peek of Caitlin Mociun’s apartment on Design Sponge yesterday.  let’s talk particularly about the bathroom.  omg… so so good.  the black and white tile, all that white space, the shower head, the wood plank bath mat and those plants!!  we’ve got a vine plant in our bathroom that’s growing up the wall right now because it loves the shower steam so much.  but I love all the plants in the window.

dlb, let’s get a few more bathroom plants, ok?

{photos by lena corwin}

11 Responses to “bathroom plants”

  1. joanna goddard said:

    yes, that floor tile is AMAZING. and so great to have beautiful house plants. i’m literally on my way to get some right now; this post was perfect timing for some extra inspiration! :)

  2. Amy Nieto said:

    dlb to alyson: um, let’s make sure this one lives before buying new ones, m’kay? :P

    I love the tiles. All day I dream in tiles.

  3. Christine said:

    That floor is beautiful against all that white. I love the plant idea! Perfect solution for privacy and if you forget to water your plants.

  4. Katie said:

    agreed. The bathroom is just lovely, and yet looks very livable and practical. Wish I had space for plants! I love the Dr. Bronner’s hiding in her corner :)

  5. Dana said:

    I have just one question – I’ve thought about putting plants on the window sill in our shower, but the window sill gets covered in suds and such when I shower. Wouldn’t that be bad for the plants? Other than that, I love it!

  6. alyson said:

    I know Katie, I saw that! I use the lavender one. it’s so great!

    Dana – good question. I’m not 100% sure but I think on a small scale they should be ok, but if they’re being doused with tons and tons of suds daily, I’d move them elsewhere.

  7. abby said:

    love this! inspiration for finishing off a bathroom of our own that’s very similar (though much smaller and more heavily tiled). what’s the plant you have in your space?

  8. amy said:

    i dream of a bathroom with a black and white tile floor. is that weird?

    can’t wait to see more pics. love mociun!

  9. Brittany said:

    i absolutely love black and white tile! and i had never thought of plants in the bathroom, how neat!

  10. Ashley said:

    I must have opened this page at least 5 different times the day it was posted. The simplicity of the bathroom makes it so perfect. Made a trip to my local store this afternoon for two new bathroom plants :)

  11. Brandi said:

    Love the tile, love the plants, really love the plastic grocery bag lining the trash. Good to know I’m not the only one that uses them in my well designed bathroom.