brass animals

I’ve got a brass fly that I bought from High Street Market a few months ago and it fits quite nicely in our apartment.  is it bad that I kind want to buy ALL of the little brass animals from their shop?

11 Responses to “brass animals”

  1. chelsea said:

    These are adorable!! I am at this moment compiling props for a shoot and something like this happens to be in the mix. Fun!!

  2. Mallory said:

    i agree with joanna – that whale is completely awesome! i’d store my favorite jewelry in his mouth.

  3. franny.glass said:

    thank you for sending me on a $200 shopping spree. thank goodness most of the items purchased are going to be awesome birthday presents for someone. i did, however, buy that camel. for MYSELF.

  4. Abby said:

    I think I want the turtle! They are all so great.

  5. Emily said:

    You know, I have this small brass koi that I’ve always adored…now I’m thinking he needs some friends. Thanks for this :)

  6. Megkathleen said:

    I’ve had this as a fave seller for a while now and always am drooling over their stuff.