oh summer…

I’m yearning for you.  please come quick.

{photos from my summer flickr set}

19 Responses to “oh summer…”

  1. Aimee said:

    These are great images- it really makes me yearn for summer too!

  2. sageandstyle said:

    Beautiful shots. Simple summer = beer, a lake + delicious fruit. You captured it all!

  3. Kate (Love Vermont) said:

    oh my goodness. you completely captured what summer is all about in just a few photos. amazing!

    (and yes, i am yearning for it as well)

  4. pam said:

    everything you have pictured I’m about to do this weekend. camping under a clear blue sky, bunches of grape tomatoes to pop in my mouth to pass the time, beer will be consumed 1664 to be exact and lots of outdoor cooking. I will think of you and send you love from FL!

  5. Michelle said:

    Fabulous beyond fabulous photos, especially the berries in the beer! Quintessential summer!

  6. francine gardner said:

    Summer…I am yearning too. My vegetable garden is dug, just waiting for warmer weather…..the beautiful photograph of tomatoes and berries is such a tease

  7. Marion said:

    oh beautiful post
    oh ugly spring which looks like automn here in paris!

  8. Sophia said:

    I didn’t have a particular desire to go camping/hiking but your photos make me think it’s something I seriously need to look into.
    – Sophia.

  9. Paige said:

    So lovely, I want to live in all these pictures :)

  10. sarah said:

    me too Alyson! what happened? i was just deeming last week – the most glorious week to be unemployed ever and now suddenly it’s gray and cold. i LOVE every picture here, camping, fresh veggies and fruits, cold beer, beautiful horizon. i am adding it to my top 10 faves of the week tomorrow. have a great day. xo

  11. Sarah said:

    Mmmm.. blackberries (or black raspberries.. I’m not sure).. soooo good! That’s one of the summer things I look forward to the most!

  12. Becca said:

    Oh dear, summer is amazing for fresh fruit. Beautiful pictures!