photos from india

I love Anthropologie’s recent catalog shoot from India.  it gets the traveler in me itching to go somewhere, and soon!

speaking of India, Ashley and Aron just got back from a trip to India and their photos are great.  take a peek!

6 Responses to “photos from india”

  1. Nuria said:

    India is always a good choice!!!! I was there last spring and It is just a colourful and full of life country

  2. agnes said:

    oh, dear Anthropologie, my love…

    hehe, loving the Grey tailored trousers very much! Beautiful post! ;)

  3. erica said:

    first time in a long while that i wanted several pieces from the catalog. those gorgeous shots of india don’t hurt, of course!

  4. Ashley said:

    Thank you, Alyson! So sweet of you to say! Boy, I wouldn’t have minded taking along some of these outfits, but there certainly was enough beauty and color around without them.

  5. Ace said:

    I love these pictures! The colors in India are just gorgeous!