right this second…

I’m in the mood for:
sunshine.  lots of it.
pizza.  lots of it.
beer.  lots of it.

this weekend, I’m excited to:
see my friends and family.
be in Florida!  {whoa, 90 degrees!}
beach it.
act like a bride.

hi friends!  I’m off early this week for another trip to Florida!  this time, it’s for my bridal shower.  I’m off early this week to act girly with my closest friends and family.  type to you monday!  xo

{photo from love letters and skypaints}

10 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. chaucee said:

    Aw have a great time at your bridal shower! I hope it’s beautiful and I’m sure it will be : )

  2. linda dacey said:

    Lucky you! sunshine and good company; still chilly here in Northern France! Have a great time and must say love this image especially the multi coloured fingernails, so sweet Cheerio have a beer or two for me Linda

  3. cathiehong said:

    bridal showers are the best — you’re going to feel so loved & cherished by all your girlfriends!! have a great weekend :]

  4. Carrie said:

    congratulations! hope you have a great time with your friends and family…ps – love the nails in the picture! adorable!

  5. Caitlin said:

    It sounds like you have a great weekend ahead of you! Enjoy the fun in the sun! :)

  6. blorange dice said:

    aww, perfectperfect picture!! and pizza, beer, and sunshine sound good to me too (: hehe

  7. Sarai said:

    As a Floridian I must warn you: 90 degrees is nothing! Have a great time :)

  8. Lillian Chang said:

    Oooh, have a happy bridal shower!! :)
    Florida should be such a fun getaway with the superhot sun and the lovely beaches…:) Have FUN!! :)