right this second…

it feels as though:
we’ve been transported back to February.  complete with 48 degree weather and lots and lots of rain.

I’m keeping my chin up and:
constantly dreaming about summer.

what is it about:
baby turtles?  they are so cute.

I should be searching for wedding shoes but instead I want these:
t-strap heels.

thanks so much for the sweet words about our wedding invites.  you have no idea how much your kindness means to me!  they are slowly trickling to the mailboxes of our family and friends so I’ll be sure to show you what’s inside soon.  happy weekend friends.  xoxo.

{photo from anuk.marek}

10 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Anne and Christie said:

    the pouring rain and stormy weather in portland has caused us to start a new tumblr as we dream about the summer. that’s why we live in oregon, right? because the summers really are THAT good.

  2. erica said:

    there really is nothing cuter than baby turtles! have a lovely bundled up weekend.

  3. Masha said:

    It’s raining over here too and I love rainy afternoons, just not so many of them in a row…

  4. Anna Emilia said:

    Finland is rainy too, but I guess we got such an amount of sun and heat the last weeks that it is fine.

    Thank you for the turtle video, made a smile in the middle of the rain and wind (:

    Happy new week!

  5. Cindy said:

    Hay dear blogger!
    How are you? I’m glad that I’ve visited this blog! She’s lovely.

    Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
    You can also join my GIVEAWAY!
    Love, Cindy.

  6. Abby said:

    Oh me too – trying to keep my chin up in the rain! So much rain the other day, my tomatoes ended up with mildew on their leaves overnight!! I will say, that baby sea turtle brought an instant smile to my face though.

  7. Ashley said:

    Sea turtles are the best!
    Can’t wait to see the invitations! I’m sure they’re amazing.