they’re off!

I’m on my way to the post office to FINALLY mail out our wedding invitations.  after a serious UPS fail which involved our pretty hand-written envelopes ending up in Texas, they are stamped and ready to go.  now the real fun begins.  and there’s no turning back now!  I’ll post photos of what’s inside closer to the wedding.

{calligraphy by Kathryn Murray, stamps from various ebay sellers.  addresses edited to protect our guests}

34 Responses to “they’re off!”

  1. Emily said:

    If the outside is any hint of the beauty to be found on the inside…I cannot wait to see the invite!

  2. Kate (Love Vermont) said:

    Oh! Those are just the most perfect envelopes…I can not even imagine the loveliness inside! congrats on what i hope is a successful USPS adventure (-:

  3. jen wheat said:

    They turned out so lovely! Love the KRAFT envelope and vintage stamp. Great job.

  4. joanna goddard said:

    YAY! congratulations! i LOVE the stamps, and the calligraphy is absolutely, absolutely gorgeous. you have some lucky wedding guests!!! :)

  5. nicolle said:

    they look amazing!!! really looking forward to seeing pics from your big day! i know everything is going to be so beautiful. :)

  6. Georgiebird said:

    What a pleasure they would be to get in the mail! Absolutely love the stamps. Congrats.

  7. Nina said:

    Oh my goodness. So beautiful! I am looking forward to sending out our invitations in a couple of months too… yours are amazing!!!

  8. franny.glass said:

    what is up with the post these days? no one is reliable! UPS failed you, USPS failed us with the birth announcements… and i don’t think i’ve shipped FedEx since i saw Cast Away. where to turn?!

  9. casey said:

    when I dropped my wedding invites in the mail, it made the wedding feel, so real. congrats to you. take a deep breath!

  10. Julie said:

    Kathryn did our wedding calligraphy a few years back – her website is new and improved and oh-so-gorgeous!! I got amazing amounts of compliments on the calligraphy. I adore her style.

  11. Sarah said:

    These look amazing! Can’t wait to see more details!

  12. Dandelion & Grey said:

    These are the most perfect envelopes ever! The calligraphy and stamps are just beautiful!

  13. Masha said:

    Amazing calligraphy! And I also love the envelopes and the big green tree stamps…

  14. Alex S. said:

    How exciting!!! Congratulations! Truly gorgeous envelopes! I love the stamp details and I’m really looking forward to your future post on the whole invitation!

  15. Alexis said:

    As a professional event planner, I’ve worked with many calligraphers and quite a few brides. Your invitations look lovely. Good luck with the rest of the planning.

  16. Ashley said:

    Congrats on mailing out your invitations! I’m sure that’s a big check mark off your list. I’m not quite at that stage with my wedding, but the thought of it is already looming in my mind. :)

  17. Allison said:

    they look AWESOME! the RSVPs are so fun to get back :) Enjoy!

  18. odessa said:

    ooh…i love these! your wedding will be so beautiful, alyson. i can’t wait.

  19. Maggie said:

    How beautiful! The kraft envelopes are just your style and I love the idea of getting extra pretty stamps to go on them instead of just everyday ones. Can’t wait to see your invite!

  20. Jillian said:

    lookin’ good lady!!! it’s such a relieving feeling to your invites stamped and delivered. the fun part is receiving the rsvp’s. yippee!

  21. kristi@lovelyvelo said:

    every detail is exquisite! the stamps… oh, the stamps! can’t wait to see what’s inside!!