vintage goodies

there are so many great shoes available at Dear Golden Vintage right now.  sadly, none of these are in my size or I would have snagged them in a second!

9 Responses to “vintage goodies”

  1. roberta jane said:

    Really like that first pair – Guess I better pop over to their shop to see if they are my size!

  2. Paige said:

    Love Dear Golden Vintage, she finds the best stuff!

  3. bargain bex said:

    Dear Feet O’ Mine,

    I wish-oh-wish that you were a smaller size just so I could fit into any of the lovely pairs above *sigh*


    Bex aka Bigfoot

  4. Kerry said:

    Yum, love these, especially the top right kitten heels. I tell ya though, you can’t sneak up on anyone with wooden heels – they sure are noisy!

  5. lauren said:

    ohmygosh! here i am spending my saturday morning blog reading and i stumble upon this great post – thank you!!
    and i wish they were your size too, but i found MANY more pair just yesterday so maybe some of those are. :)

  6. molly said:

    oh my goodness. so tempted to buy a few pairs! all totally adorable.