Monthly Archives: June 2010


little winter

I’m sure by now you may have seen some details about the fantastic handmade market, Little Winter, taking place this November in Portland.  a collaboration between Chelsea of Frolic and Abby Powell Thompson, Little Winter features artists from all over the US, gathering to one spot here in Portland.  I’ll be there with my little shop, alongside some of the most fantastic women I’ve *virtually* met around the blogs.  read more about it here.

thanks so much to Chelsea and Abby for organizing this!



ugglebo clogs

I’ve been swooning over the Swedish clogs from Ugglebo lately.  I want to order a pair but #1 – I can’t decide which style I like the best and #2 – there are SO many colors to pick from!  what’s a gal to do?

enjoy 25% off with the code eye-on-emily. thanks Dave!!



right this second…

I’ve got so many things to be happy about:
the sun is shining!
it’s warm outside!!!
my new iphone 4 is waiting for me at the AT&T store.
my dad is here from the Philippines.
two weeks till our wedding.
exciting news to share next week.
and oh yes… it’s Friday.

xo my friends!!

{photo from Claire}