a giveaway from Frye!

hi friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I’ve got another* exciting giveaway to start off the week with!

the folks from Frye {whom I’ve shared my love for many many times on this blog} have graciously offered one pair of the Kira Low Tops that I posted about a few months ago.  so awesome, right?  and the best part, and the most fun part if you ask me, you get to pick the color of your choice!!!  leave a comment here before Friday at midnight telling us what color you’d pick and why.  have fun and good luck!

Frye is also hosting a giveaway on their Facebook page to win 6 pairs of shoes for summer!  check out the details here.

{*I regularly don’t like hosting giveaways on the blog, but I’ve had a few that were just too good to not share with you.  I hope they don’t bother you non-giveaway people!}

469 Responses to “a giveaway from Frye!”

  1. Sam said:

    I’ll take plum please…I don’t do much color in my wardrobe but those purple ones are popping out at me!

  2. Viet said:

    these are amazing! i would wear green because they look classic with a touch of modern.

  3. maggie said:

    I’d love any color of the kira low-tops! They are all great so you can’t go wrong! :)

  4. stephanie said:

    ooooohhh. love. love. i would choose gray because they would hide the endless sand and gravel that covers the streets of this small, arctic town!

  5. stacy said:

    these are darling! i would pick the light indigo because they would look great with my wedding dress and comfy for dancing at my reception! great summer shoes too!

  6. Michelle Briere said:

    The oxblood/burnt sienna color goes with sunsets, grey skies and my favorite skirt which happens to be the same color as my son’s eyes. This deep rich color reminds me of the earth, the soil, my connection to it all.

  7. Rachel said:

    Oh, so cute! I like the Grey because it’s classic and would go with anything…but I’m tempted by Burnt Red too, just to break out of my comfort zone of neutrals!

  8. Katie said:

    I adore Frye, I think I would go with the green pair. Or the tan, or maybe the fushia. It’s so hard to pick only one color!

    Crossing my fingers, winning a pair of these would truly be the bees knees!

  9. Natalie said:

    these are so adorable. i would pick the pink color. i’m not normally a huge pink fan but i love the dusty shade! they would be perfect with a feminine sundress!

  10. Leah said:

    I’ve always wanted a pair of red tennis shoes!

  11. Genevieve said:

    I love all of the colors, but if I had to choose just one, I’d choose the green – my favorite color!

  12. Cat said:

    Ooooh. I think I’d go with Spice… it’d be perfect for autumn (and who doesn’t love autumn clothes?).

  13. Andrea said:

    I love the colors on the left side of the wheel. So hard to choose!

  14. gillian said:

    i’m in love with the grey.
    they’d go with just about anything!

  15. D'Rae said:

    I LOVE those shoes! I don’t know what I would choose!! Maybe the orange or the green, but probably the cream cause they would go with anything!

  16. christie said:

    navy blue please.
    they’re classic!

  17. Hlaga said:

    Ecru. what a perfect look with jeans…

  18. Karen T said:

    oh plum!! I love it!

  19. Jill K said:

    Ooooh I would love the green ones. Those are so ready to be on my feet.

  20. Jessica said:

    Love these shoes! I’d pick either Burnt Red or Spice. I just can’t get away from classic autumn colors.

  21. RachelR said:

    Oh how I love the grey sneaks! They would go with just about everything and I would wear them to death.

  22. sarah said:

    gosh, the hardest thing is picking just one, isn’t it? Okay, the berry! I love the bright fuschia colour, so fun! – and wouldn’t they be fun with some burnt-sienna tights and a navy corduroy skirt for fall? =)

  23. kate said:

    i have literally wanted these shoes for months! i’d pick fuchsia or gray. gray if it really came down to it, i think.

  24. Avery said:

    These look so nice! I would probably choose the light blue ones. They are such a pretty color and it’s like an instant pick-me-up on your feet. Bright colors like that make me smile.

  25. bryn said:

    plum! because im pretty sure diana vreeland would say “why don’t you wear plum tennis shoes while perusing zucchinis at the weekend farmers market??” be mine! i love love love you!

  26. jo-elle said:

    I think i would chose the orangish red shoes. They would complete a lot of summer relaxed outfits with a burst of color personality.

  27. Kristy said:

    Oh, please pick me!!! I’d love to rock either the gray or blue pair!

  28. Brooke said:

    I’d pick plum for that great pop of color!

  29. Sam said:

    Pink! …because I would always buy them in a much more *sensible* color

  30. Jessica said:

    Yay! I’d love the red or burnt orange ones. During the winter I wear so much black, brown and grey that I need a bit of color!

  31. Angela Z. said:

    taupe or pink..it’s tough…no, i think grey…

  32. cathiehong said:

    awesome giveaway! i’ve been looking for a good comfy pair of sneakers to go walking in & was going to pick up some keds from my local thrift store. but these would be a fun & much cooler alternative haha. and not to be boring, but i would choose ecru! i can’t seem to match colored shoes very well. :[

  33. Katie said:

    I’d pick the blue, because that teal color screams summer!

  34. Sarah said:

    I love the Berry, perfect for some summer kicks!

  35. Bronwen said:

    Red! Perfect with jeans and a stripey navy and white shirt.

  36. Tori said:

    Oh I have wanted a pair of these for a very long time! I’m in love with the berry and navy pairs! Berry is perfect for summer and navy is oh so nautical! Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Eva said:

    Easy! I’d choose the dark red. Why? I’m in two weddings this summer, and they’d be great to slip on during the receptions as I dance the night away. They’d go well with either dress (one classy and navy, one shiny golden yellow) and make for some smooth moves to a New Orleans-style jug band at the outdoor picnic-style wedding in the backwoods of the Midwest.

  38. Julie Underwood said:

    They are all pretty fantastic but I think I would have to go with grey so I could wear them with just about anything in my closet.

  39. Liz said:

    I’d go for the burnt red. I could wear them all summer with cut offs and then they’d transition really well into fall. A *free* investment piece!

  40. Stella said:

    I would love any color! I tend to stay safe with my shoe colors so anything fun and summery would be great!

  41. Samantha said:

    I’d pick tan! Super neutral to match everything! LOVE!

    swagnerm [at] hotmail [dot] com

  42. bo said:

    i’d pick ecru! it would go with everything – jeans and t-shirt, or a flowery dress.

  43. Emily Greene said:

    This is so exciting! It would be really hard to decide, but I would pick pink, green, or lavender because they are fun colors, but they would also be pretty versatile in my wardrobe.

  44. heather e said:

    burnt red, because i like things nice and toasty!

  45. rachel said:

    gold, for sure. it would match the gold nail polish i am wearing now, and would be great for summer. great way to make my sun-kissed skin pop!

  46. Becca said:

    I love spice or tan! All the colors are so gorgeous though. It’d be hard to choose.

  47. amy marie said:

    how freaking fabulous are frye’s sneaks!? i love! if only i was so lucky to own every single color, would definitely be an amazing addition to my wardrobe. however, as hard as it is to pinpoint just one, i have to say that the blue selection is the most bold and beautiful! <3

  48. Beth Maher said:

    Oooh! I have just been ogleing these! The caramel is so lovely- they’re a little more classic and leathery a colour which is fitting for fryes. I just got my first pair of engineer boots this winter and I love them to bits! I would love to have a pair for summer.

  49. Erin said:

    I would have to choose the sapphire pair. They are all so lovely!!

  50. Anna Allen said:

    oohh i’d pick grey! because it goes with about everything. :)

  51. Sarah said:

    oh I would LOVE the green ones. So cute!!

  52. Kate said:

    i think i’d pick the navy blue. they’re adorable.

  53. js said:

    ooooh. blood? spice? grey? all are soo pretty!

  54. lauren said:

    i love the grey ones! they’d make the perfect backdrop for some funky laces! thanks for the giveaway!

  55. agnes said:

    oh, would love those! just been looking for a great pair of sneakers!

    but not sure it it’s open for international Readers?? oh, please do!

    If so I would love love the dark blue ones!


  56. Corey said:

    The tan are beautiful. I saw them for the first time in person the other day & it was love at first sight.

  57. Meg said:

    I can’t believe how hard it is to decide but I think taupe :) pick me!!

  58. Theresa said:

    Plum! Because it’s my favorite jewel tone colour.

  59. Kayla said:

    I’m torn between going practical (gray! white!) and not (bright blue! pink!)

  60. kerry said:

    Love them! I’d get the berry-colored purpley ones because I would never allow myself to buy them with my hard earned money but you know I’d wear the crap out of them!

  61. Clare said:

    Who couldn’t use a pair of sneaks like that! Adorable and can be worn with almost anything! So charming!

  62. Jess said:

    That rustic orange color goes perfect with my throwback 70’s summer wardobe of feathered hair and lots of brown!

  63. natalia said:

    I would pick red. I have to wear conservative suits to work so i try and dress them up with bright color shoes!

  64. Mallory said:

    berry berry berry! if i win i’ll just… nearly-faint with joy. what a beautiful color & what awesome shoes. frye is fantastic.

  65. Rachel said:

    I would get the pale tan ones. they’d go with everything!

  66. Color Collective said:

    wow, what an awesome giveaway!! i love the grey ones, i generally wear neutral colored shoes for matching purposes!

  67. Madeline said:

    What a fantastic giveaway!

    My color choice would be SAPPHIRE because I’ve never owned a pair of shoes that were considered Sapphire…and I think every girl should at least once in life :) Mmmmm they would go with everything.

  68. Mary said:

    GREEN! i would love to have a pair of green shoes.

  69. Kelly said:

    ah what a lovely giveaway – thank you! I’d go for lavender because… you can’t really go wrong with lavender, can you? ;) It’s a gorgeous scent, colour, and I’m even tempted to name my future child that…

  70. cheyanne said:

    oooh…i love the spice. i love wearing colorful shoes!

  71. thisisunclear said:

    purple! or orange? hmm. both go with my summer staple, navy. how to decide?!

  72. Amy said:

    Blue, because that is my absolute favorite color of blue (and my favorite color!). It would make me so happy to look down at my feet and see that pretty bright blue. Berry comes a close second…

  73. Sara said:

    Plum! So bright and lovely.

  74. judy said:

    Berry! I would pick berry because it reminds of me of summer and all the delicious seasonal fruits and (sometimes) the beautiful sunset! It’s just such a fun and punchy color and perfect for summer! :)

  75. Rachel said:

    EEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ecru maybe? (Whichever is that lovely purply-blue color. So unique for sneakers!)

  76. ali said:

    I’d pick the teals ones, so I could wear them as my blue-suede-dancing shoes at my wedding…

  77. Kaitlin said:

    I would love to own the dark brown ones. I know it’s kind of boring, but I’m also positive they would be a staple in my wardrobe and therefore I need something versatile!

  78. Aimee said:

    I really want to win this one! I love those shoes. Rainbow of colors might cause stress in picking one if I win!

  79. alexis said:

    Oh man! At first I thought the taupe was gold and was definitely going with gold. I love the bright blue! I think it’s a tie between green and gray. I will be undecided until I win. ;) Thanks for the opportunity!

  80. Milly said:

    These are so cute. The colors are amazing so hard to pick just one I’m leaning towards lavender such a soothing color.

  81. Kailey said:

    i looovelovelove the berry pair! such a wonderful color for spring/summer!

  82. Miriam said:

    I would pick the orange color (I think they’re called Spice?) to pop against my blue jeans!

  83. lauren said:

    i would love the royal blue color because once worn through the summer with intense use, it would be an amazing cornflower blue! two of my favorite colors that you can never go wrong with!

  84. Tia said:

    Love, love, love the rust color shoes…I’ve been having an obsession with this color lately! I think it reminds me of how organic and non-organic can come together in a beautiful destructive way…sort of like a crumbling foundation or an overgrow car abandoned in a field.

  85. candice said:

    I’d love the navy blue pair (: they’ll match with any of the pair of pants I have and it’ll be great for running around in the summer while keeping a nice look!

  86. Shayna said:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m torn. Grey or ecru. Argh…hm. I think I’d take the grey. Such a pretty neutral.

  87. sharlyn said:

    i love Frye!! i would either pick grey or berry! :) if i could only pick one i’d have to go with berry though. so dang cute!! and such great quality!

  88. Nidhi said:

    I love the classic tan…though each one is amazing.

  89. kate said:

    I would love to have a pair of lavender sneakers! How pretty would they be with flowy white in the summer and dark denim in the fall?

  90. haruna said:

    why- white is just so summer-y! great for the mountains, beach or city.

    thanks for the giveaway :)

  91. Lindsay said:

    The burnt red ones would totally make my summer wardrobe! And maybe if I win a pair, I can justify buying a pair in another color!

  92. Cordelia said:

    that sage-y green color is fanflippingtastic!

  93. Elissa said:

    I adore the green ones! Fun.

  94. lindsey k said:

    Holy Moly! I’ve been loving these for months now thanks to your first post on them. I would definitely choose Lavender…they would be perfect for summer!!!

  95. Lauren said:

    I’d take any neutral color… They would be perfect for my trip to India and Europe this fall!!!

  96. vivian said:

    Oh definitely plum! I’ve been looking for a pair of dark purple sneakers and these are perfect.

  97. Emily said:

    i’d pick the fushia–what an amazing way to spice up jeans, a skirt, a dress…

  98. michelle said:

    i love the subtle gray – i would wear these with a secret smile on my face every time i looked at my toes: reminded of cool clay on the potters wheel, charcoal sketches, and the feathers of my cockatiel….

    thanks for the opportunity!

  99. Kyli said:

    Grey being my favorite color, it would be lovely to have a pair to match the rest of my wardrobe.

  100. Alex S. said:

    Oh the red would be just perfect to contrast all the blue stripes I’ve acquired this season! On the other hand the turquoise blue is a super fun colour!
    Hard decision!

  101. Meg said:

    I love the berry! so unique, thanks for the giveaway!

  102. Adele said:

    I would love a grey pair!

  103. Elaine said:

    I would pick Taupe. They’re super fun!

  104. *gemmifer* said:

    Great giveaway! Spice–no two ways about it–because orange is fabulous and a bit different for sneakers.

  105. Paige said:

    I’d go for turquoise because I love just about any thing that reminds me of the ocean.

  106. Kimberly Van Ness said:

    Dusty Rose! It goes with everything I own and I am afraid I am madly in love with the color. I’d love to wear it with skirts, dresses, skinny jeans, shorts…you name it.

    Also, it looks like the rose color would patina well. I wear my shoes to the ground, so that’s always a plus for me :)

  107. Shauna said:

    I like taupe because I can wear them with anything!

  108. Irene said:

    Ooooh had these on my favorites since you posted the first time! Definitely the pink because they’re a bit rough and a bit sweet at the same time!


  109. Alyson said:

    i’d love a pair in the color at 12:00!

  110. Em said:

    A good friend of mine recently commented that my summer wardrobe is “very neutral” so I’d pick the green or lavender pair to add some colour :)

  111. allison g said:

    love these, esp the plum ones (i think!). so perfect for summer.

  112. Natalie said:

    Berry, because it is just such a beautiful shade, although green and sapphire are coming in awfully close. The high tops are amazing too!

  113. Betsy said:

    I adore these shoes, and it’s so hard to pick just one color, but I think I would have to go with green–that shade just makes me happy!

  114. Andrea M. said:

    Nearly impossible to pick… but I think I’d go with green or pink. Awesome giveaway!

  115. Brooke said:

    I love them all but would love to go with the off whities!!! GREat giveaway!!


  116. Christina said:

    so hard to pick just one! but i think i like the lavender the best because it’s most versatile- it can be girly or rugged :)

  117. jess said:

    How can you even choose? But if I had to, it would be plum, lavender or grey. They are all neutral enough they’d work with everything in my closet.

  118. monsharee said:

    I hate to opt out of those lovely colors, but the grey would be such a perfect basic!

  119. Megan P. said:

    I love the no-nonsense taupe. Looks like I found my new go-to shoe! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  120. Nekes said:

    Brunt Red! Because it is a beautiful color on a beautiful shoe and will catch the eye of passerby’s as I stride on by.

  121. Koko said:

    Cuteness! I like the green one because it reminds me of green tea (which I love!). Also because my wardrobe’s been earthy the past weeks:)

  122. taylor said:

    I love the grey ones, they would go with everything. What a cute giveaway!

  123. Brandilyn said:

    I’d choose the Spice…I think they have that perfect classic leather look, but the color’s still fun enough to make a casual outfit exciting!

  124. Sara said:

    I would LOVE the navy! I am obsessed with navy and it goes with everything.

  125. caroline said:

    GREEN! Green is my favorite color, but I tend to always wear earthy tones (although I am wearing a green top today) so to ease into color, I think a GREEN comfortable shoe would be great.

  126. katy said:

    awesome! can’t believe it, but I love the pink. they are so understated and cool.

  127. meagan said:

    berry for me! sweet as can be with spring skirts, summer swim suits, plus scrubs (as it matches my oh-so-hot pediatric stethoscope for work!)

  128. Asha said:

    definitely have to go with the rust.. but those blues are so pretty.. ahhh!

  129. janet said:

    wow, what a great giveaway! I think I’d get the bright blue pair. With those I can lay in the grass with my feet in the air, content in having my shoes match the sky.

  130. julie said:

    It’s such a hard decision — berry, green ecru, blue! Ack! Ok, I think a berry pair would be terrific!

  131. holly said:

    well i just spent too long looking through all the colors, ive settled on pink! reason: i dont have any pink shoes!

  132. Alison said:

    I would love these in taupe! They would go great with everything.

  133. martha said:

    because I’m trying not to buy any more grey….

  134. sarah r. said:

    love this giveaway! i would choose the purple ones. because when we were 5, i told my friend emily that i “owned” the color purple. and i’m still not quite over that.

  135. Emma Elizabeth said:

    I would love to win a pair of these low-tops in spice. I have auburn hair and I love any shade of brown, gold, rust, or red. They would be fabulous with everything I already wear!

  136. Dana said:

    i’d have to say the tan. when i love a pair of shoes i wear them constantly, and with tan i could wear them any day, any way.

  137. tiffany jewell said:

    what an awesome giveaway! thank you for hosting!
    i would love to have some green shoes! and, if not green… then i think i’d like plum!

  138. Lisa said:

    I’d want them in grey so they would hide the clay that inevitably lands on my shoes…

  139. Courtney said:

    I just spent the last 10 minutes looking at each pair, imagining what I would wear them with and then getting stuck on two final colors- tan and green.

    Green one out though. They remind me of green moss- soft, cool and relaxing.

  140. Courtney said:

    wow. long day. I meant “won” not “one.” Promise I know the difference.

  141. Amanda Hakan said:

    light orange for me, a color that does not exist in my wardrobe but would make an excellent addition!

  142. Emily said:

    I would go with the BERRY– fun for summer (and fall, winter and spring) and they would pretty much go with anything.

  143. rach s said:

    beige…or indigo…

  144. Ashley said:

    All of the colors have a neutral-ish vibe to them that would make them versatile, but I think I’d go with taupe.

  145. brianne said:

    Plum, def! I’ve been in such a purple mood lately :)

  146. Samantha said:

    It’s not an exciting choice, but I’d go for tan and wear them all the time.

  147. hanna said:

    It’s too hard to choose! I think it would be between plum, sapphire, and green.

  148. burcu said:

    pink please! it already looks like a favorite-worn from so much love- pair of shoes!

  149. erin said:

    i like the mauveish one…or maybe the one that looks like eggplant…or maybe tan. ya. probably tan. most versatile. :)

  150. Vanessa said:

    wow! you certainly don’t fool around with your giveaways! what a treat. Just to dream of owning those grey ones… or the plum… or the spice, please.

  151. Jennifer said:

    Personally I’d choose the ecru colored.
    Just because it reminds me of the simplicity of life and the beauty in it.

  152. Frances said:

    this is so hard, but I think taupe. or tan. IT’s hard!

  153. deena hofstad said:

    so cute!! love them. i’m especially drawn to the turquoise ones- so cheerful and summery. :)

  154. chelsee said:

    Lavender – because Grimace was my favourite McDonald’s character!

  155. catie said:

    i would love anyyyy color

  156. kate said:

    No way!! Cool. I’ve been wanting a pair every since I saw your last post. I’m digging the lavender ones.

  157. Sylvia said:

    Adorable! I love them in Berry – it seems to have the right fun, happy vibe that would pick you up even on the worst day!

  158. Jess said:

    Gray, please! They’re as classic as white, but won’t look as dirty when I run around in the park. Plus, they’ll help toughen up the few girly sundresses I bought for the season!

  159. Natalie said:

    i’m not usually a “pink” person but i think i would choose the pink shoes! they remind me of a desert rose kind of tone, which would be perfect for the summer. and i figure, summer is the time to give colors i might not normally wear a chance – because if i’m not gonna wear pink during the summer, i’m definitely not gonna wear it during the winter! but this pink is lovely, and i’d love a pair.

  160. Jessica Catherine said:

    Oh my! I love these shoes and have been wanting pair for some time now. I love the lavender ones and the tan-ish ones.

  161. Marci said:

    Sapphire is simply sexy! Yes!

  162. robin said:

    So, so cute! I’d choose red – my three year old’s favorite color!

  163. giselle said:

    I love the grey ones… something stylish and casual that will go with everything. Awesome giveaway!

  164. Karin said:

    I’d be happy with any color…but if I have to pick one, I’ll go with the plum! A nice burst of color for the summer.

  165. leslie said:

    I think I’d pick that grayish khaki color, love it everywhere! thanks for the chance!

  166. Cordelia said:

    hmm..I’m thinking lavender or sapphire- so hard to choose!

  167. Alice said:

    All colors are cool! but best one for me is Lavender! This ones are so cool and stylish that will go with my clothes!

  168. Swati said:

    I love the tough, beat up look juxtaposed with the delicate lavender color. They match the duvet I’m working on for my apartment next year! So beautiful.

  169. Eden said:

    How perfect for riding my bike around town. Pink, definitely pink!

  170. la said:

    How mean to make us choose just one :) I would kick around big time in the tan while trying not to eat them because they remind me of butterscotch!

  171. Denise! said:

    I’d pick the red! because its the fastest colour.

  172. Ellie said:

    I have had my eyes on these babies since you first posted them. I own a pair of Frye boots and SWEAR by the Frye brand, they are the best and most comfortable pair of shoes that I own. I would be ecstatic to own a pair of their low tops too! After looking at the colors over and over again, I finally decided that grey would be the most practical choice, although berry and green were tempting! I love grey, it’s my favorite neutral. :)

  173. Libby said:

    I would take the teal blue pair–it would make me happy to see such a bright color every time I looked at my feet!

  174. jinnie said:

    One more vote for the grey ones! I think they’ll go with everything. :)

  175. Megan said:

    Well, if I listen to my sensible inclinations, I’d have to go with grey, but vibrant-color-loving me would have to go with the blue pair because it looks like the perfect shade of peacock-feather blue – great for summer and into fall!

  176. Abbie said:

    I would have to go with the curry or burnt red because they are not colors I can wear with my *very pink* complexion, but which I adore and need more of in my wardrobe.

  177. jensen said:

    i have a tie between the blue & the berry.
    these would be so cute to wear with dresses and skirts and those colors would add such a nice pop of color to outfits.

  178. Eija said:

    It is so hard picking just one color! Spice would look great with denim, but I can’t get over how vibrant that Blue is.

    Thanks for hosting!

  179. Davanie said:

    first i was thinking spice, but maybe i like lavender better. they’re kinda girly when i’m kinda not.

  180. Lindsay said:

    I love the sapphire pair, they are gorgeous!!

  181. swisss said:

    if i won, i would choose between the burnt red, plum and spice. tough decision.

    if there has to be a why, i would say: ive been living in arid or subtropic areas for the last 6 years and i desperately miss the Fall! the colors i’m looking at are fulfilling in tiny part my love of dying leaves : )

  182. Katherine said:

    So cute. Frye’s are the best. They stand up to anything. I’d go with navy blue or gray, something that will make me feel like a kid again!

  183. Lisa said:

    Oh wow, look at those colours! I love the orange pair because they remind me of summertime.

  184. Evelien said:

    I’d go with plum cause I like the name of it and it is a color I barely have. It’s also just fun to pronounce. Plum, plum, plum…e

  185. Jane said:

    I love them in gray or one of the other neutrals, because they will go with everything in my bright wardrobe and I can wear them every day!

  186. Noelle Mohoroski said:

    I choose blue, that’s the perfect color for me right now. I have 3 weeks of summer and need to take in every ounce of freedom. So while I’m sitting in class longing for the ocean or bright blue sky I can look down and see such a bright little reminder of what it’s like to run wild and free.

    PS- How have I never heard of Frye before? They have AMAZING shoes!!!

  187. vi nguyen said:

    The grey pair will go with my vintage romantic wardrobe. I can imagine biking with the grey pair with slouchy jeans, a white halter top and daisies in my hair.

  188. april said:

    So perfect! I would go with the green – I need to find some bright and gorgeous colors before I go to India this summer!

  189. Dana said:

    Definitely the orange ones to match my new summer nail polish.

  190. Sara said:

    They are all so lovely, but I would have to go with grey!

  191. kaila said:

    i’d wear the plum ones, because in my opinion, purple looks good on everyone!

  192. Lindsay said:

    I like the taupe ones! They’d go with everything, and I like the way they look. :)

  193. honeyhuckabee said:

    I’d pick the bright blue ones…they would make me smile every time I looked at my feet!

  194. Emily said:

    I have to admit I just spent over a half an hour scrolling through the different colors at the Frye website and finally decided on the gray ones, I love the 186 on the back heal. These shoes make me want to wear white linen shorts and vacation in Cape Cod!

  195. Janelle said:

    Lavender. Such a lovely muted color plus I love all things lavender.

  196. ashley said:

    I am in love with the BERRY color. What a fantastic giveaway.

  197. Lauren Davison said:

    I would pick the Berry ones. I love dancing and there is a quote by Alfred Carl Hottes that says. “Pink is the color of romance and a friend tells me that the girl with the pink dress at the party is the one who is selected for each dance”
    I don’t have a pink dress so I hope with the berry shoes I will be filled with romance and many dances.

  198. Chelsy said:

    I would have to go with Burnt Red! They are the perfect color that stands out while still being ‘neutral’ enough to go with almost everything in my closet! Perfect and bright for summer, but worn in and cozy for fall and winter. They sound like my dream sneaker!

  199. Laura said:

    I’d definitely go for the taupe ones! I’ve been looking for a good pair of lace-up leather tennis shoes for a while (read, a couple of years–hey, I’m picky), and when you showed us these the first time, I bookmarked them almost immediately! They fit the bill perfectly!

  200. alice said:

    What an excellent giveaway! I would so choose the light blue ones :)

  201. Joey said:

    I love the Grey one!! Grey is the new black, it matches everything! :)

  202. kay said:

    totally fallen in love with the dark brown ones, they remind me of chocolate (: they’re beautiful

  203. Elisha said:

    My best description of the colour I would choose is MAGENTA as that is what Derwent call it. I would choose magenta because it would match the highlights I have in my hair “en ce moment” merci beaucoup.

  204. wiscjennyann said:

    Without a doubt Lavender! (Because everyone should have one pair of purple shoes!)

  205. M. said:

    So many exquisite colours to choose from!!! I think I’d have to go for navy… or white… or grey… or maybe that beautiful dusky pink… in fact I think that classic taupe might be best… nudes are my current obsession and I think they’d go perfectly with my acid wash skinny jeans or blue and white stripe shorts and either my ballet pink fine knit slouchy jumper or even my grandad’s HUGE grey jumper, with bands of little white and blue-grey patterns… Or even with one of my linen sundresses… Perfect for my many planned camping excursions for the summer (although in an ideal world, I think they’d marry perfectly with this holiday home: http://www.balbegnocastle.co.uk/)… Sorry I’m getting rather carried away at just the chance to win these so thank you!

  206. Ede said:

    What a color would I choose?
    Spice today for me looks cool
    Why, you ask, I see it cool?
    It spices up the day or two :)

  207. Casey said:

    How fun! I think I’d choose the green pair. Lately I have been drawn towards shades of green–a color I really haven’t explored much in my wardrobe yet! These would go perfectly with a couple outfits. ;)

    ♥ Casey
    blog | elegantmusings.com

  208. Marthe said:

    Asesome! I’d chose the Taupe pair. They look comfortable! *crossing fingers*

  209. Nico said:

    Sky Blue, I wear jeans way too often and I think they would look pretty with them :). Thanks for the give-away! I’m making lots of wishes to win!

  210. Arielita said:

    I’ve got to go for that burnt red…Fall foliage all year round!

  211. Bec said:

    oh my! so exciting. It’s coming up winter here in australia land. i’d pick grey. for winter. to wear with cosy woolen knits and cute beanies. to blend into the season. pretty!!!!!

  212. Colleen said:

    I love the berry!

  213. Olivia said:

    Wow, I can’t tell you how much I love low-tops. I swing dance, and they are PERFECT dance shoes. Right now the only pair I own that isn’t totally worn through are my classic black converses. I’d have to take a pair of bright orange, or maybe the berry colored ones, to balance out the boring black :)

  214. Heather said:

    I think I’d have to go for the navy (or the red?). I need to branch out from my gray obsession.

  215. Heather said:

    so many colors!! blue, pink, berry, and green are my favorites!

  216. ashley said:

    green please! it’s my favorite color and is so fun on the feet…

  217. Theresa Budnik said:

    Navy or Ecru…I can’t decide. I already have a lot of bright-colored shoes. I need more neutrals!

    Great giveaway!

  218. Aditi said:

    The Berry shoes are amazing. They would be so cute with any summer outfit!

  219. Jen said:

    To pick just one color?!? I do like green. So I’d have to pick that one.

  220. Gogo said:

    Orange please. So cheerful and fun! Like a sneaker should be.

  221. Jen said:

    RED! I need a lil bit of color in my life :) Plus it will go well with my nautical themed clothes for the summer!!

  222. Carolyn said:

    Oh my goodness, I’ve loved these shoes from the instant I saw them, when everyone started blogging about them a couple of months ago! I would pick the lavender ones, but would honestly take any color at all! So pretty.

  223. May said:

    I’d go for ecru/white so grass stains and little specks of colour from frolics in the flowers will show up… these shoes are too lovely!!!

  224. Andrea said:

    I would pick blue – like the symbol of boyhood as I welcome my first baby into this world.

  225. Leslie said:

    What a hard choice! I think I could settle on Green–a great summer color that goes with a lot of other colors.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  226. Danielle B. said:

    Ecru please! Summer goal: Fresh start. Maybe later add a little color!

  227. Allie said:

    I feel like a kid in a candy shop…but berry is quite lovely!

  228. Margaret said:

    Wow, so many colors! I would probably go with spice – it looks like it would go great with anything! And I love the name. :)

  229. Rosa said:

    Maybe because it’s summer or maybe because I’m a sucker for pink, but I’m really loving the Berry color. What a fun giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.

  230. Joanna said:

    I’m verrry into Berrry! I’ve never been a wall flower, and these are perfect for summer and will walk me all the way through fall! (And spring, and quite possibly late winter-for many years to come, they’re FRYE’s after all!)

  231. sarah w said:

    oh my! i am in love with the frye company!

    i’ll take a pair in navy. let’s be serious, i’d take any color really.

  232. Marsá McNutt said:

    i normally don’t like this color but i think i would most want the pink ones. i think they would be good for a light summery outfit.

  233. Krista said:

    I would pick the cream low tops because they would go with everything I own, and I know I would want to wear them everyday.

  234. craftydill said:

    Oh, green, please…it’s my favorite color!

    Just found your blog and I love it!

  235. Courtney said:

    That blue is lovely, and reminds me of the ocean, which, if you look at my email address or the name of my website, is obviously something I’m drawn to!

  236. Maddison said:

    I’d just love the gorgeous blue ones at 1 o’clock! I’m building a wee little nautical wardrobe–sheckles are limited–before I set off for a one-year Italian adventure in Milan and they would be perfect.

  237. Kelly said:

    I closed by eyes and landed on sandy orange. it’s nice, reminds me of mandarin flavored fizzy water.

  238. mudrick said:

    Love the taupe!

  239. Mary said:

    I love these shoes! I would get blue because it’s nice and bright – perfect for dreary mornings.

  240. laura said:

    i would definitely get green because who can’t help but smile when you see green shoes?!?!

  241. Emily T. said:

    I loooooove these shoes! And you know, I think I’d go with the black– simple, chic, and matches everything else I own…

  242. Fae said:

    i love the red ones. they are so cute and remind me of my high school days. :)

  243. Megan said:

    magenta, or whatever name they’ve assigned it…b/c magenta shoes are super adorable and add the right amount of color to an outfit! I love making my shoes the loudest part of my ensemble

  244. Loopy said:

    What an awesome giveaway!!!! Normally I would say brown (considering EVER SHOE I OWN IS BROWN!!!). So this time I’m stepping out of my comfort zone… I choose Berry!
    Thanks for this great giveway!

  245. Brian said:

    green or burgundy, like christmas man…

  246. Elizabeth said:

    These are awesome! I love all their brigth colors! My favorite is probably the burnt orange ones though!

  247. jessica said:

    oh my. spice please. or that lovely turquoise blue. lovely!

  248. Elizabeth said:

    These are awesome! i love all thier bright colors! My favorite is probably rhe burnt orange ones though!

  249. Masha said:

    Oh, lovely! I’d pick white, because they’d go with everything.

  250. Jayna said:

    These shoes are too cute. I’d love to get the red shoes.

    How nice of you to plan a giweaway =)

  251. BB Wooten said:

    Can I give a “Whoa!” a la Joey from Blossom right now? Count me in for the tan, taupe, or gray because I would want to wear them every day with everything I own.

  252. Jessica said:

    I can’t get enough of grey right now. It’s neutral, of course, so goes with everything. But it has a cool French girl chic about it that I love. So cute!

  253. Shea said:

    Ooooh. The pink or the orange, without a doubt. They happen to be my logo colors. And also, I think it’s pretty much impossible to wear pink/orange and feel anything other than happy and optimistic. Thanks for planning the giveaway!

  254. Jennie said:

    Normally I’d go with the green since that’s my fav. color… but since it’s my favorite I already have green sneakers! So I will have to go with Spice. It’s a great orange color!

  255. Nicole said:

    I love the taupe and blue! But, I’d probably choose the taupe because then I could wear them more often.

  256. Lise said:

    Choosing a colour is so hard!
    I think I would go for the green ones, though.

  257. Veronica P said:

    Wow, these are great colors! I’m torn between green, burnt red, and gray.

  258. MFree said:

    white! To wear with all the lovely sun dresses this summer!

  259. Karena said:

    Oh, the olive green for sure! I don’t have a car so I walk everywhere. I can see these shoes carrying me on lots of summertime adventures!

  260. huebscher said:

    oooo … I’ve been drooling for these since their release. spice and plum would fit right into my wardrobe, but the blue ones might just change my life with their brilliant comfort!

  261. Esther said:

    I’m gonna have to say the Navy Blue. Love it cause it’s classic and it would go with so much of my wardrobe.

    Thanks for hosting!

  262. molli said:

    the lavender. they would look awesome with jeans and a grey shirt.

  263. Sarah said:

    I love all of the different colors but think I would chose green, because it’s just such a perfect shade, and would fit in nicely with the wardrobe. Thanks for the chance to win!

  264. Rachel said:

    I choose gray! Because I broke down and bought gray Converse and they hurt my feet. These look like they will be comfy and cute!

  265. Judy Grubbs said:

    It is so hard to pick only one color, they are all gorgeous, but I would choose green.

  266. Hillary said:

    Pink, please. The are neutral without being bland. They’d go with almost anything.

  267. kerri said:

    slate grey! they remind me of seattle’s cloudy skies. love it!

  268. Mary Herman said:

    PINK! I choose that color because last season PINK was the IN-COLOR for me! This spring, it is TURQUOISE and my color sense is to use contrasting colors – PINK AND TURQUOISE look FABULOUS together! I want everyone to look at my shoes! I can wear these pink shoes with all of my new turquoise separates AND my pink purse from last season.

  269. Laura said:

    The aquamarine ones…

    they make my heart sing! :-)

  270. Elizabeth said:

    Green! Its the perfect, go-with-anything color.

  271. Brooke said:

    what a great giveaway!
    Im leaning towards the Grey as Im a pretty “safe” dresser, and they’d match a ton of stuff!

  272. Melissa said:

    Oh wow, how generous! I have a pair of Frye boots that I just adore and have been lusting after the sneakers for awhile. I especially like the navy color.

  273. Lana C. said:

    Taupe! A great neutral to match items in my wardrobe.

  274. Crystl said:

    I would choose Gray or Plum – so gorgeous

  275. Kate said:

    Wow, I love these! It’s a tough choice, but the pink win out for me–the leather and the scruffiness keep them from being too prissy!

  276. Catherine said:

    Ooh, love them! I’d go with either navy or sapphire. Blue shoes go nicely with a lot of wardrobe colors!

  277. Kathy Baby said:

    I’d buy the yummy grass green color ~ because life is better when your toes are in the grass!!!! : )

  278. melissa said:

    Love these in grey… the perfect sneakers for summer!

  279. Erin said:

    I would pick the dark red! I used to have a pair of chucks in that color and completely loved them. This is a grown up version of those shoes!

  280. Lily said:

    I’d get the pink ones — perfect neutral for summertime wear!

  281. Carly said:

    i would pick taupe! but that is one hard decision!!

  282. vanessa said:

    i love my frye oxfords; how could i not want these lovely-hued lowtops..

  283. Megan said:

    oooooo… pink!

  284. darra said:

    i’d love to add blue to my growing collection of brightly colored sneakers!

  285. Shirley said:

    I’m lovin’ the color wheel display of the shoes! I like the tan or camel color ones. They remind me of the color of beach sand.

  286. Chrissy said:

    I’d pick the teal colored ones because they remind me of the pool where I wish I was all week instead of work!

  287. jenny said:

    These are wonderful!! I would pick red for the colour of love. Green for the grass in my backyard. Orange for the flame in the sky. Mauve for my grandmothers sunday suit. Blue for the waves at our cottage. Grey for our first family pet. White for the snow, tan for the sand, all colours have a place in my heart!

  288. Katy said:

    ecru… because i’m plain like that.

  289. Amelia Blakeman said:

    Green sneakers! Yes! I had the best pair of green sneakers when I was younger, and have never found another pair as charming. I think these might just do the trick!

  290. Caitlin said:

    I’d pick the green, because it makes me think of going to the park and enjoying the sun!

  291. Alexa said:

    I luv FRYE, but just too hard to get over here :(
    Would choose the white ones because white goes with everything and so I could wear them as aoften as possible.

  292. Stephanie said:

    I love the taupe colored ones! Definitely one of my favorite colors.

  293. Mary said:

    Wow, so many great colors! I guess I would have to choose the ecru, sapphire, Burnt Red or dark brown. Of course I would be happy with any of the colors!!

  294. Lyssa said:

    Lavender because they’d go with the shirt I just sewed for myself. And because they’re awesome.

  295. jamie said:

    my heart goes out to grey. I love how you can wear it with basically anything. oooh I can almost see myself in my cuffed jean shorts and blousy tank running around town! sigh.

  296. Abby said:

    These are awesome! oh my, how to pick just one?? Spice I think is my fave… but it’s pretty hard to rule out dark brown, tan and burnt red… Spice would go beautifully with anything. I love that spicy chestnut brown – warm, rich, complimentary to every color and easy on the eyes always. I SO need a pair of sneaks and these would surpass any previous considerations :) Crossing my fingers!

  297. mimi k. said:

    I would go with the off-whites or the grey. =)

  298. Cassidi said:

    I would love to have these in any color!! I think I like the taupe or the ecru!!! Such a great give away!!! I hope I get lucky!

  299. Danielle N. said:

    Grey b/c right now, grey is my absolute favorite color in fashion.

  300. Lindsay said:

    Joy! These are my kind of tennis shoe-stylish but relaxed and not too stuffy. I’ve never been a big tennis shoe girl but I think I would be if I had those lavender ones!

  301. Dana said:

    It took a while to decide, but I have to go with Plum. That dark rich color is the right balance between being neutral enough to go with everything and being surprising and not boring. I’ve had these shoes on my mind since I saw the original post, so I’m so excited for this giveaway!

  302. DJD said:

    never though i would want a pair of pink sneakers, but those pink kira low tops have my feet happy just looking at them.

  303. Sonchia said:

    I think Berry might be the way to go. I live in a land of beautiful greens & browns in the summer and whites all winter here in Telluride. Nothing would “pop” more than some Berry-colored-kicks around these parts. I swear by my Frye boots all year long, would love to run around in a pair of Frye sneakers too!

  304. bernadette said:

    love the pink, nice and subtle!

  305. Katie Ward said:

    Ooooo, that is a tough choice but I think I would choose plum for my shoe color of choice. I could wear the plum ones with blacks, whites, or browns…or my favorite clothing color: gray! What an awesome giveaway!

  306. Brianna said:

    i’ve been wanting these so bad! i’ll take lavender please :) i think its time my grey wardrobe gets a tad bit of color!

  307. LaToya said:

    I would pick the grey pair, because I can wear them with everything from blue jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses. Oh what fun!!!

  308. Holly said:

    When I married my husband, I took his name and became, for better or worse, Holly Wood. I’d pick blue (the bright one!) to help draw out my inner movie star. :)

  309. Kelly said:

    Much gratitude for your delightful blog and this fun giveaway! I’d choose pink. They make me smile.

  310. Suzanne said:

    The blue is such a pretty color! I LOVE THESE!!

  311. Athena said:

    The black ones are just so cool! Amazing!! Thanks for the chance.

  312. Anuja said:

    I love the spice onces! I’ve been obsessed with these since you posted them a few weeks ago!

  313. Amanda said:

    Tough, tough decision but I’m loving the plum. They’d add a pop to any summer outfit. Classic shoes!

  314. Sarah said:

    Love the Dark Brown. :)

  315. Rebekah said:

    Some many beautiful choices . . . I guess I’ll have to decide if I win!!

  316. Kimberly said:

    Pale pink- would go great with most of my skirts!

  317. Jessie said:

    I think I would choose the sapphire…timeless with a twist!

  318. mandy said:

    so hard to choose, but i think it would be the aqua. they’d compliment my sunglasses of choice for this summer and look awesome with shorts and t-shirts.

  319. Victoria said:

    I’d pick “Spice” because I need a fun, cheerful pair of shoes in my life!

  320. Amy said:

    Lots of great colors, I love the pink! Thanks for this giveaway!

  321. abbersnail said:

    Oh, how I want these!!! I have been staring them down online for the past several months. I would either pick the pink or green ones. Part of the problem, clearly, is that I could wear every one of them and be totally delighted.

  322. Katie said:

    I would choose the color Spice! I love the color of burnt orange leather.

  323. Kenna said:

    I love this! I’d pick the light blue ones because they are so cheery and can put some pop into any outfit.

  324. Melissa said:

    Fabulous shoes! I’ve been absolutely obsessed with grey lately – could it be the new black?

  325. Dana said:

    every time i open up safari i see that color wheel of gorgeous shoes and have to open up your tab and have another peek. after several choices, i’ve decided that i would like the blue. the aqua blue. but, also the navy blue. ay! so hard to choose!

  326. Kristina said:

    I really love the Spice! I just feel like you could wear them any season : )

  327. Michelle said:

    These are so unique! I’d take the Ecru. I just bought some red shoes, otherwise I’d love burnt red.

  328. Belle said:

    I think the lavender colour is the best, it’s such an unusual shade of lavender.

  329. whitney said:

    i would pick dark brown, because i feel like i am always looking in my closet for brown shoes, and never satisfied with what i see. (except for boots…)

  330. Kirsty C said:

    Blue… because my favourite colour is blue. Sometimes it is good to be simple.

  331. Valentina said:

    I don’t mind giveaways at all! Even if I have never won anything :(

    I love them all but I think I would go with the berry ones. Thanks!!

  332. silk said:

    I would choose the purple ones! :)

  333. Claudia said:

    oh wow, so many colors!
    the neutral colors (the grey-beige one) are ssssoooo prett!

  334. Elissa said:

    I would choose Gray because i could possibly get away with wearing them to work!

  335. Anna McKendrick said:

    that grey is just too perfect for summertime when the livin’s easy.

  336. Lauren K said:

    I would LOVE the fushia sneakers. I am getting married at the end of the summer. My bridesmaids are wearing wine colored dresses and I would love nothing more than to walk down the aisle wearing these awesome Frye kicks to match them!

  337. Kate said:

    There are so many great colours to choose from! I think my absolute favourite colour is the green. I’ve never been a huge fan of green before but I am this year! Probably because it’s the first year that I’ve ever had my own vegetable garden. Who knew growing your own food could be so much fun!

  338. Anna said:

    I’ve been in love with these since you last mentioned them! The grey are my fave, they’re so versatile!

  339. Clair Mc. said:

    I *love* the tan ones! Love, love, love!

  340. abby said:

    Oh man!
    Alyson, this giveaway is perfect!
    Since arriving here in Austin, I realized that I need a completely new wardrobe from head to toe-my Portland gear just doesn’t cut the humidity and heat here.
    These shoes in grey would be a dream!
    My fingers are crossed :)
    Thanks for hosting this.

  341. Jenny said:

    i love this giveaway. i believe i can think of approx. 20 outfits that i could wear the green ones with. oh i want them so bad i can taste it. (although tasting shoes may be a little gross…)

  342. amelia said:

    pink! i’m not normally a pink girl but the combination of salmon and blush is just too good.

    thanks for hosting the giveaway even if you don’t love them– it is a good reason for regular readers like myself who don’t normally post comments to express appreciation & gratitude for your blog (it is lovely) and also for the possibility of winning a pair of cute shoes!

  343. Maddie said:

    I’d pick pink so I’d feel like I was walking around on roses all day.

  344. Amy Wing said:

    Such sweet colors, I could easily see the whole lot in my closet! I would choose the dark brown pair because I think they would be a great basic to go with soooooo many things!

  345. Anamaria said:

    They would be
    The perfect addition
    To MY
    Summer day-leaves.

  346. Heather said:

    The Berry is a nice bold pop of colour and would look great with a pair of jeans.

    Runner up would be Burnt Red. That colour reminds me of a pair of sneakers I had in grade school :)

  347. Kate said:

    I adore these! The berry shade calls to me – they’d really pop against my bright blue bike!

  348. Anna said:

    I love them all – I really can’t decide. Probably the burnt red, dark blue or brown. On second thought, maybe I should try a bright color. hmmmmm

  349. anne said:

    fun fun fun! i love these little sneakers…and although it is utterly impossible to choose just one color, i love the grey. the perfect neutral to pair with a closetful of summer florals!
    xo, anne

  350. Annie said:

    I have to go with lavender…because I’ve never owned lavender shoes, and I think it would be kind of magical!

  351. mariel said:

    the green for sure! my hulk green dunks are on their last legs and these would be a welcome replacement. i love green shoes! and they always get complements.

  352. Rebecca said:

    These are so cute! Green would be a nice pop of color to an everyday outfit.

  353. hannah said:

    The oxblood red! Nothing cooler than red tennies, especially with a neutral outfit or a floral dress! The are beautiful, and look perfect for walking all over town.

  354. abby neal said:

    oooh…i’m torn between the spice, pink, and grey. I think I’d have to go with the grey…no the spice? Jeez this is tough choice!

  355. Erin said:

    Pink please! They’d look perfect in the summer and fall!

  356. Katie said:

    I’d pick Plum — dark enough to look classic and go with most things, with just a hint of “different.” Great giveaway!

  357. Daniela said:

    Aaaaaaah…. sigh….how to pick one? They they all just make me smile :)

  358. coral said:

    Oh, I just love Frye shoes! I’d pick lavendar because I think they’d look good w/ jeans and I don’t have anything like them.

  359. LC said:

    white ofcourse, pure and divine!

  360. jessica define said:

    i would choose tan – they resemble the color of a baseball glove, which i love!

  361. bioEgirl said:

    I don’t normally enter giveaways, but this one is too perfect. I’d love to have the shoes in blue.

  362. Kimberley said:

    Oh my goodness, i would die if i won a pair of these. Its such a hard choice…. but i’m definitely loving the berry purple ones!

  363. Julia said:

    I would choose taupe
    though its the least poetic color
    taupe is not ranunculus or raindrops
    or fond memories at the Tuileries
    its closest to fresh farm eggs
    and to my bare summer legs

  364. lauryl said:

    Green please! I love watching the leaves on the trees change from early spring to late summer…these shoes could deliver that brightness year-round

  365. Royall said:

    Bright pink- I need to inject a little more color into my wardrobe of black, grey ad white!

  366. Katie said:

    I like the burnt red, ecru, and pink a whole lot, but I think I’d go with the pink!

  367. rachel said:

    i want the blue ones! i am getting over a foot injury and can only wear sneakers, so fun colored frye shoes would absolutely make my life right now.

  368. Jamie said:

    Taupe is the color for me. They would be perfect with my summer dresses, perfect with jeans and perfect with cozy winter sweaters.

  369. Claire said:

    Pink for Molly Ringwald, lipstick for date night, the blush that comes with an unexpected compliment, a strawberry milkshake, and the sky at the start of a sunset.

  370. Rosalinda said:


    Thank you for this giveaway!

    I love the spice ones…

  371. Kate said:

    I’d choose the lavender- my favorite color.

  372. Meghan said:

    For me it’s a toss up between Ecru and Taupe because I’m a sucker for neutral-color shoes, and they would go with EVERYTHING. Thanks for the chance to win!

  373. Erika Irby said:

    I lOVE the green- the color makes me happy!

  374. Lori C. said:

    Thank you for the giveaway. I’d love the GREEN shoes in a very large size if I’m picked.

  375. h :: said:

    I would choose navy to match my nautical stripes {or grey because it’s my favourite favourite colour} – indecisive!

  376. Kendra said:

    What a great giveaway! I’d love to get the pink ones. I’ve been searching for the perfect casual shoe, and these are it! Quality and style. That’s what I’m about!

  377. stefy said:

    love the pink shoes! a nice pink without looking too girly. so good for the summertime!

  378. Taylor said:

    Can I collect the whole set??
    I think Spice would be perfect to start my collection with….

  379. Elena said:

    I’d love a pair in “Spice” b/c it’s so earthy and cool, and great for summer & fall.

    I’m sure anti-giveaway people are in the minority; most of us are up for cool and tasteful giveaways any time ;-)

  380. Katie said:

    Cyan! Pure blue and my most favorite of the CMYK family.

  381. Susan said:

    It really is a tough call when there are so many beautiful colors. I think the black ones are the perfect basic basic and the lavender ones are one-of-a kind and would look great with denim blue. Toss up!

    (Also, thank you for the giveaway.)

  382. Brittany said:

    love these shoes! i think i’d pick one of the blue shades, since that’s about all i’m wearing these days

  383. jilleun said:

    I love the blues but I think I love the Taupe more! I think they would go with everything.

  384. Erica said:

    Wow, so awesome. I’d wear the blue pair. I’m trying to expand my wardrobe from just grey and black!

  385. sarahkeith said:

    I choose the dusty pink! They are so romantic and remind me of hot summer afternoons biking on dirt roads, picking berries, and watching the sun turn golden as it moves toward dusk.

  386. Daphne said:

    Oh My Goodness!!! Those shoes are so fun!!! I think I would go for one of the blue shades – classic.

  387. Mimi said:

    Ecru, perfect for summer! Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  388. Anna said:

    Oh, what a choice to make…
    Lavender is nice, a divergence from the usual colors I wear but still versatile.
    Yes, lavender if I’m feeling quiet.
    And red if not…
    We’ll see!
    Thanks for such a nice opportunity.

  389. Hillary said:

    I would love the red! These are pretty darn sweet!

  390. Hilary said:

    I really really love the traditional tan and how versatile it is. Plus it really epitomizes the fact that they’re leather sneakers! How great!


  391. Samantha Powers said:

    Green. Because I move to Phoenix, AZ in 2 weeks from beautiful Seattle, WA and I have a feeling I am going to be missing all this green very, very much.

  392. Chantel said:

    the grays, i’m on a serious gray kick.

  393. Cassy said:

    Whoa, what a great give-away! I would most definitely go for any of the blue shades because they match almost all the gorgeous shades of blue water at the Aquarium that I work in. Thanks a bunch!

  394. jenny said:

    I think I like the pink best. it looks like something i would have worn as a kid and makes me feel nostalgic.

  395. kelsey:) said:

    I love love love the mossy green or navy, I would like some more classic colors to go with my bright wardrobe

  396. jeanette said:

    ooh, i would love the bright blue low tops because they remind me of my favorite pair of shoes i wore through the sole when i was 12 years old

  397. Caitlyn said:

    Spice. I love the shoes, I love spice, spice is nice, the spice of life, etc. etc.

  398. Alexis said:

    Oh any of the brown/tan shades…. all about great looking leather… classic!

  399. K.O. said:

    I’d normally go for the blue, but I would LOVE a pair of the tan. Western and a bit punky all at once!

  400. Nell said:

    These shoes are perfection! I would love the lavender because they are funky without being too bold and distracting. The color also just goes with most of the stuff in my wardrobe.

  401. Loren Vitello said:

    What!? Are you serious!? Best give away ever!! These would look awesome on my feet!

  402. Sarah said:

    I would definitely pick blue. They could go with everything like blue jeans do but they are still bright and would attract a lot of attention. And if I’m going to be wearing awesome Fryes I want to show them off.

  403. Lauren said:

    LOVE all the fun colors!

  404. Jen Jones said:

    One side of me wants to choose Taupe, the other side green! These shoes are great :)

  405. zrock said:

    ooh! definitely the taupe. i’m going to south india in a few weeks and need something that won’t show the dirt!

  406. ELIZABETH LEE said:

    I really love the taupe ones! It’d be like a nice surprise at the end of my legs!!!

  407. pamela witthuhn said:

    i’d pick the light pinky peach color…. it reminds me of the old “flesh” color crayola crayon… which reminds me of the very old box of crayons i would color with as a kid at my grandmother’s house. i can almost smell that box of crayons right now!

  408. Missy said:

    I would choose the dark grey ones cos they remind me of a cloudy sky!

  409. jill said:

    Navy! Always love navy sneakers – they go with everything in my opinion ;) Although the green is super nice too….hmmmm….

  410. Pamela said:

    i love the burnt red. you just can’t go wrong with it.

  411. Kendra said:

    Oh my goodness this is amazing! I would probably choose the tan color so I could wear them all seasons! But really, can’t I just have one of each?! ;)

  412. priya said:

    tan, with denim would be perfect!

  413. Christie Qualey said:

    Definitely the Lavender… because in my minds eye I am already on a summer trip to the redwoods, cut of jeans, simple sleeveless tank, and worn-in lavender frye sneakers.

    Here’s to my manifestation.



  414. Liz said:

    Honestly, I would take any colour. They’re all amazing. Surprise me!

  415. Kristin said:

    I would definitely wear the pink! I love anything pink, and the pale pink color is so cute! Plus I’m from the South, so anything pink goes.
    These pink Frye sneakers are like girly meets tom-boy.
    xoxo Kristin

  416. Courtney said:

    I think… maybe… berry. Taking a walk on the wild side.

    Is it sad to say that this has been the hardest decision I’ve made all week? I want them ALL!

  417. sarah said:

    I love the brown pair! they are so tomboy and old-school, like something from that 70’s show.

  418. Carly said:

    I’d pick the grey because they remind me of curling up with a good book and a cozy blanket on a rainy day :)

  419. Emily said:

    I’d get the green ones. fresh, springy and would look great with jeans, khakis and white pants!

  420. Stephanie said:

    This country gal is about to become a city girl. While very excited, I know I shall miss the great outdoors. A pair of sage green sneaks would give me a dash of foliage greenery in my new concrete jungle.

  421. Elisabeth said:

    Love these! I’d choose pink. I’m not typically a pink person, but I love red shoes and these look more like “light red”. So cute! Wearing red, or any variation or red makes me feel confident and happy!

  422. Dana said:

    I think Berry. It looks great as a shoe and I don’t have anything in my wardrobe in that color.

  423. Julie T said:

    Burnt orange please, because it makes me happy and reminds me of a sunset.

  424. Molly said:

    I’d love a pair of these in NAVY BLUE. Navy is classic and simple yet also points toward something adventurous: boats, day trips, dandelions, bike rides, beach walks, coffee dates, khaki pants, old blue jeans and white tees, stripes, early mornings, binoculars, plane rides, backpacks, eating outside, beer in the park, playing tennis even though you suck, summer suntans, cheese and crackers, playing soccer with your sisters, late afternoon, oak trees, grass stains, dirty fingernails, clean white sheets, shorts, bikini tops, friends, picnic tables — these shoes scream summer. xo Molly

  425. Caitlin Y said:

    I NEED the bright berry pair! Since I have mostly nuetrals i think the pop of color would be fun :)

  426. Laura said:

    red,red,red,red,red,red,red…love. I die. Pretty please?

  427. Pakou said:

    Hopefully I made it in time. I would love a pair!

  428. Jessica S said:

    I would go for Berry! It’s so summerlike and happy :)