hello summer.

if you read any other blogs from my fellow Pacific Northwesterners, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been complaining about the weather quite a bit more than normal.  we’ve had record rain fall in May and June and a pile of dreary grey days to go along with it.

today the high is 79 and the sun is shining bright.  while yesterday may have been the first day of summer, I’m calling today my first REAL summer day.

off to commence summer with a celebratory ice cream cone.

{photo from simply photo}

11 Responses to “hello summer.”

  1. nicole said:

    i know, finally! i might have to do that same thing :)

  2. carrie said:

    yay! i have many good friends in the pacific northwest and used to live there myself (love and miss it so much) – so i completely understand the dreary days and how marvelous it is to get out from under them.

    enjoy the sun and celebrate! :)

  3. Diana said:

    I just came from Joanna’s blog…and I read your post there….Such a sweet post and congrats on the upcoming wedding:)
    We are having a sunny day here too…It was raining here for the past week or so…Today is a good,sunny day:)

    Cheers to that:)

  4. Michelle said:

    Hello again, it has been a while since I posted a comment, sheepish over here. Anyway, love me some ice cream right about now, lets see 10 am, sounds about right! About to go check out Chain Chain Chained too, whuppee

  5. Meagan said:

    Hooray! My fiance and I have been thinking a move to the Pacific NorthWest over, but yeah, all the bad weather posts from you guys isn’t helping. So hopefully it gets nice and hot and sunny there VERY soon! Enjoy your great weather and ice cream and all things summer! I love your blog!!

  6. Karena said:

    Yay sunshine!! It really does lift ones spirits!

    I am having a giveaway and hope you will join in!

    Art by Karena

  7. molly said:

    Aw, jealous! Are you in Portland? It’s still grey up here in Seattle… Hoping summer reaches us up here soon!

  8. Lindsey said:

    I’m heading up their for 4th of July and hopefully Seattle’s weather will take a turn for the best.

    Sometimes the May and June months can be unbearable. Cheers to summer finally starting!

  9. ag. said:

    i’m up in vancouver and i always do a little something to celebrate summer. this year was a little sad as i sat outside freezing, eating some ice cream, trying to welcome the new season. yesterday was definitely a better day to call the first day of summer…hope you enjoyed your ice cream!

  10. emily said:

    This weather is ridiculous! Yesterday I was sunburnt and boiling while today it is cloudy and muggy. I can’t decide weather I need to put a sweater on or open all of the door and windows to let some air in. I hope it is nice for your wedding though.