these Rachel Comey dresses on sale at Petulia’s Folly.

15 Responses to “loving…”

  1. carrie said:

    thanks so much for the heads up on this. the upper right corner may have a new home soon…

  2. casey said:

    oh my goodness. i think i need that yellow one on the right!!!!

  3. Helena said:

    I never heard of her but im so happy you introduced me!
    Love those looks. So easy yet so urban laid back chic!

  4. Anne said:

    All so pretty and yet very timeless too. Love that.

  5. cevd said:

    rachel comey needs to be my friend and keep me in clothing. everything, i just want EVERYTHING.

  6. size too small said:

    i’ve had a love affair with rachel comey for a little while now. i can’t get enough.

  7. Mandy said:

    love love LOVE the top left. So sad I can’t afford her things even when they’re on sale.