loyale – giveaway + special discount!

one of my favorite eco-friendly companies, Loyale, has graciously offered to giveaway one of their floral Kitale dresses in the size of your choice to one lucky Unruly Things reader!!  if you’re not familiar with Loyale, they are an apparel company that merges sophistication, style and sustainable fabrics, not to mention gorgeous clothes and perfect silhouettes!  simply leave a comment stating where you’d wear your fancy new Kitale dress.  deadline ends Friday at midnight.

and guess what!  if you absolutely can’t wait to find out who the winner is, Jenny from Loyale has also offered 25% off anything in the Loyale collection, excluding jewelry.  enter code UT2010.

thanks Jenny!

152 Responses to “loyale – giveaway + special discount!”

  1. kate said:

    this dress is just right for a moonlight walk.

  2. Cat said:

    Gorgeous! This would be perfect with sandals and sunglasses on a warm late-morning walk around the farmers’ market.

  3. michelle said:

    This dress would make me feel as glamorous as a classic movie star, so i would take it to the Olde Movie Theatre downtown, for popcorn, Wurlitzer organ chords, and some Cary Grant :)

  4. Aditi said:

    This dress is perfect for a summer date night! Outdoor dinner and a walk on the promenade.

  5. chelsea said:

    I would love to wear this dress out & about thrift shopping or even to the drive-in :) How lovey & darling!

  6. erin, reading my tea leaves said:

    how lovely! i’d like to trip through central park in this sweet dress, stopping for a picnic along the way and ogling art in a museum in the afternoon.

  7. Sarah said:

    so pretty! I would wear it to the park and try to blend in with the flowers.

  8. Caitlin said:

    Oh my! How pretty! I would wear it for celebrating my upcoming one year anniversary! So exciting. :)

  9. Maggie said:

    So pretty! I’d wear it with little wedge heels to tea at some cute cafe, then take off my shoes and run around in it barefoot once I got home.

  10. janet said:

    my birthday’s coming up and i’m celebrating it with a picnic at this year’s renegade craft fair. this is the perfect dress to wear while lounging in the grass and checking out some cute handmade wares.

  11. MeggyD said:

    Awww – perfect for a Sunday brunch, or bridal shower or even work! So pretty!

  12. Kerry said:

    I would wear it to my fiance’s family reuinion. That way when relatives ask who he is marrying he can point and say “the woman in the beautiful flowery dress.”

  13. Danielle N. said:

    To a sunday brunch with a friend. Then some light shopping. Thanks.

  14. Raquelita said:

    Gorgeous! We’re planning a summer trip to Philly, NYC and DC and this dress would be the perfect accompaniment!

  15. Megan said:

    Oh, this is a darling dress! I think it would be perfect to wear to a picnic I have planned for my fiance’s birthday.

  16. Nicole said:

    This would be the perfect dress for weekend errands and fun stuff!

  17. BB Wooten said:

    I’d wear it for a 4th of July front lawn party for all our friends and fam to admire. ;)

  18. Reeve said:

    This is the most gorgeous dress and I would wear it to my best friend’s wedding. IF she was getting married. And IF I wasn’t going to be her maid of honor when she does tie the knot.
    So, I would wear it for a lovely little walk in the park on a Sunday afternoon, followed by an afternoon with the girls.

  19. Megan said:

    I would wear this to church, out to dinner, work etc. I just absolutely LOVE it! So shabby chic!

  20. Kinzie Sue said:

    I’d wear it out on a casual date with the hubs. A rare chance to get out and wear a dress instead of hauling kids on each hip!

  21. Zoë said:

    I have been on the hunt for the perfect birthday dress, and this just might be the one! Just perfect for a picnic, walk around the park, and then dinner with friends. Yes, please!

  22. bargain bex said:

    i think this fine little frock would be perfect to wear for all of the summery picnics i plan to have this year!

  23. Ariel said:

    Ooooh, I’m loving this dress!

  24. Viet said:

    I’d wear it to our monthly arts walk in downtown. So lovely!

  25. Candy said:

    That dress will never go out of style. I see myself wearing it out this summer with my kids probably on a trip to the zoo or to the waterfront or out for rare dinner with the hubby.

    I’m probably more excited about the hidden pockets than I should be, but what can I say- nice detail :).

  26. Sydney said:

    I would wear it on a picnic with my boyfriend once the sun starts shining and it feels like summer again.

  27. kate said:

    I think I’d wear this dress to the farmer’s market at the ferry building, then take a drive across the golden gate bridge for a picnic!

  28. Rebecca G said:

    The Kitale dress is so pretty. I’d wear in on a day-trip date expolore the towns in gold country. Antiques? Ghostowns? This dress, a cardigan and some flats. I’ll be there!

  29. Emily said:

    I love this, the shape and print are perfect. I’d wear it to Sunday brunch.

  30. karen dickey said:

    Perfection! I have been looking and looking for a bridesmaid dress for my best friend’s wedding. Purple + floral. Oooo pick me pick me!

  31. stacy said:

    I would wear this dress EVERYWHERE! All summer long!!!

  32. Meg said:

    What a beautiful pattern. I’d love to wear the dress to a summer picnic – maybe to jazz in the sculpture garden in DC?

  33. Caroline said:

    I’d wear it to:
    •frolic in a field (obviously)
    •go to work
    •go to church
    •sunny, garden parties
    •go for walks with my pup & my favorite friends
    pick me? …I’ll wear it all the time!

  34. whitney said:

    i would wear this on date night with my husband!

  35. katie said:

    that dress would be great to wear to a cafe to listen to some live music while drinkins some espresso!

  36. teresa said:

    i can’t think of a place NOT to wear this frock!

  37. les is mor said:

    a definite adornment would be strolling the desert botantical gardens! you’d be surprised how lush the sonoran is!

  38. Stella said:

    I would love to wear this dress to my best friend’s wedding in August. It would totally fit in with her theme of romantic/simple!

  39. Jackie said:

    i love this dress! i have a casual summer wedding to attend in july and this would be so perfect!

  40. bo said:

    i would wear it to outdoor summer concerts at the park.

  41. Anne said:

    I’d wear this adorable dress either strolling along the bay or to fly a kite!

  42. Victoria said:

    I’d wear it everywhere – it’s THE perfect everyday dress.

  43. Shauna said:

    Lovely! Perfect for a cocktail by the pool with heels, oversize sunglasses and an attractive waiter!

  44. la said:

    Wearing this dress would make working in my dingy, windowless grad student office a lot more enjoyable this summer! I would probably keep candy in the pockets :)

  45. coasterkim said:

    I would wear this on a date with my wonderful new boyfriend!

  46. Amanda said:

    I would love to wear this dress to my college graduation next friday!

  47. Leslie said:

    I’d wear it to any one of the outdoor festival in my city. It’s so pretty!

  48. Steffany said:

    ooh i would wear it on a date with the boy i like… so many things to hope for!

  49. jo-elle said:

    I’d wear the flowers proudly on the streets on savannah when i visit the city later this month.

  50. Rachel said:

    I think it would be a struggle not to wear this dress every day.

  51. katy said:

    cute! would wear it on a date with my hubby to the restaurant we live above.

  52. carly said:

    Lovely little dress. I would wear it while riding my bike around the city. With a pair of high heels and white sunglasses. Yes, biking is sexy.

  53. Tania said:

    I would wear it to dinner with my hubby and to work to brighten my horrid day!

  54. Samantha said:

    I’d wear this to an upcoming Neil Young concert and to picnics of all kinds.

  55. Frances said:

    I would wear this dress to one of the many outdoor concerts I intend to attend this summer!

  56. rachel said:

    so cute! i’d definitely wear it to get tea with my girlfriends!

  57. abbersnail said:

    I would wear this on a day trip to Point Reyes, CA. I’d spend the day sitting in a field, reading a book, and watching the clouds go by.

  58. Cordelia said:

    What a sweet print! I’d definitely wear it to the picnic in the park I’m having in a few weeks.

  59. Anna Allen said:

    i think i could wear this dress just about anywhere! there are several weddings coming up and this would be perfect.

  60. Katherine said:

    Definitely would wear it to class.

  61. Elizabeth said:

    This dress looks so comfortable. I could wear it everyday, dressing it up or keeping it casual!

  62. chelsey said:

    love the dress! this dress would be perfect for doing some vintage shopping with my girlfriends!

  63. Sarah said:

    I would wear this dress to the first day of my new job!

  64. Amy Wing said:

    I’m going to say outdoor summer concert…oh summer where are you?

  65. Meghan said:

    Where wouldn’t I wear this dress?! And I do have a few weddings coming up… :)

  66. Laura said:

    I would wear it everywhere ! To go to the movies, to have dinner with my boyfriend, to got to classes…

  67. Melanie said:

    This may be the most perfect summer dress ever. I would wear it picnicing.

  68. Kelley said:

    I would wear it to my upcoming college graduation!

  69. Laura said:

    I love this dress! perfect for a summer brunch at a cafe on a city sidewalk. yes please!

  70. Andrea said:

    I have a boat load of weddings/graduations to attend in the coming months, and this dress would be the perfect thing to wear! Thanks for hosting such a generous giveaway!

  71. Jennifer said:

    I would love to wear this when I go wine tasting with my sister in Napa Valley. It is the first weekend I am taking away from my kids ever and I would love to pamper myself a little and wear something so amazing!

  72. Elizabeth (Toile) said:

    Beautiful dress! I would wear this to a wedding this summer or on a date with my husband!

  73. Brandi said:

    This dress is so adorable. I’d wear it on a drive cross country with my boyfriend. This with a cute pair of sandals that I could kick off when I wasn’t driving would be perfect.

  74. tastymoog said:

    i’d wear this to work, a bike ride, picnic, beers on the stoop, etc. etc! cute and versatile. :)

  75. Sara said:

    Lovely! I would wear this dress to my good friend’s wedding next month. It is a casual garden wedding, so this would be perfect.

  76. Enchanted Royals said:

    I’d wear this all over LA during my summer off from grad school, but I definitely think I’d start it off at the rehearsal lunch for the wedding of one of my best friends in a few weeks. LOVE.

  77. Kate said:

    ooooooooo! i LOVE this dress! i need it! pick me!

  78. monsharee said:

    Perfect for the weddings I’ll inevitably attend this summer!

  79. candice said:

    I’d wear this dress to all the barbeques coming up this summer (:

  80. *gemmifer* said:

    Ooooh! I’d wear it to my friends’ July afternoon wedding!

  81. Jessie said:

    Love this dress! I’d wear it to work with a nice cardigan or to my little brother’s graduation.

  82. Amy said:

    An afternoon weekend date!

  83. Cynthia said:

    I would wear it everywhere, but especially to picnics… it looks like it was made to be worn outside!

  84. Courtney said:

    such a cute dress. I’d wear it to a lovely lunch date.

  85. Jody said:

    So lovely! Would love to wear it to an al fresco dinner with my husband….

  86. Heather said:

    I would where it to an open-air summer Shakespeare play and bask in the words and the moonlight.

  87. Amanda said:

    how pretty! i’d love to wear this dress to a sunny afternoon picnic in the grass :-)

  88. Casey said:

    Oh! What a gorgeous dress! I think I’d wear it to go visit the Ringling Museum in Sarasota. Paired with a big hat, my favorite vintage sunglasses, and some smart shoes (probably flat sandals for comfort–there’s lots of walking to be done on the museum grounds!). It’d be so, so perfect to browse the house, gardens and amazing art collection… Perhaps even have a picnic near the rose garden! :)

    ♥ Casey
    blog | elegantmusings.com

  89. Kristen S said:

    i’d wear this dress to poetry and pickin’ at the old kentucky home, bluegrass on the mountain in july, and a summer trip to the poconos. so pretty!

  90. Janelle said:

    That dress is just so perfect for anything but I would probably first wear it out on a fun Saturday afternoon at work and then to get ice cream in the park.

  91. Jenna said:

    I remember this lovely frock from their collection photos! I would wear my strappy leather flats, my great aunts vintage beaded necklace & possibly a loose grey sweater (it gets cold at the coast!) A perfect outfit for either a stroll to the portland farmers market with friends or an afternoon walk on the beach barefoot with my boyfriend.

  92. Melissa said:

    Maybe I’m lame, but I’d wear the lovely dress to work. It would look great with a cardigan!

  93. Tracy said:

    I’d wear it to my college pal’s wedding in maine, then out for lobster later!

  94. michelle said:

    I would wear it to a Sunday outing, it looks like the perfect church then out to brunch outfit!

  95. Fern said:

    I’d love to win this dress!

  96. Belinda said:

    What a gorgeous dress.
    Beautifully appropriate for any occasion, but I think I’d take it on it’s first outing to the museum, followed by a late afternoon coffee and sweet stop :)

  97. Kenna said:

    I’d wear this to church and on Saturdays around town. Such a perfect dress!

  98. Ginger said:

    I’d wear this lovely little number on the anniversary trip I secretly know hubby’s planning!

  99. Karen said:

    Pretty!! I’d wear it to coffee dates, vintage shopping, markets, parks … would have to wait a while until it gets warm though (it’s winter where I am), but the wait would be worth it.

  100. Siobhán said:

    I think I’d wear it for our summer house-warming barbecue in our back garden…so pretty and delicate!

  101. green ink said:

    I would wear it to a champagne tasting like the one I went to in Mayfair last night, or for a sunset walk along London’s Southbank, with perhaps a gelato in hand…

    Great giveaway! :)

  102. wsake said:

    that dress would be so perfect for the day summer FINALLY arrives in this could and rainy country i´m living in. still wearing woolen sweaters and it would be sooo amazing to swap them for something like this…

  103. Sara said:

    I would wear it just about anywhere. It looks very versatile and lovely.

  104. Callie said:

    I will wear this dress to a July farm wedding in southwest Wisconsin!

  105. Audrey said:

    I would wear it to a lunch with my girlfriends at one of our fave neighbourhood cafes. Pair it with some espadrille wedges & a summer tote and I would be good to go!

  106. Jenn C. said:

    With two boys under the age of five, my husband and I don’t get much chance to get out together. This would be a perfect dress for a quiet night out, enjoying dinner and a moonlit walk by the river.

  107. Jessie said:

    Everywhere — it’s a perfect summer dress!

  108. Elissa said:

    I would wear it in the kitchen whilst baking, with my sweet apron, then wear it to a picnic.

  109. Muoi said:

    Hi! I’d love to wear this dress to a picnic then for a lovely walk.

    Thanks for chance to win this!

  110. sarah said:

    i would wear it anywhere! wouldn’t it be sweet walking down the street, or napping in the grass, or jumping and twirling at an outdoor concert, or picking out produce at the farmers market, or even indoors at a play or a movie or museum… it’s lovely. i would wear it like crazy!!

  111. abby neal said:

    Just bought tickets to the vancouver for a little summer getaway. So that’s where I’d sport this fab little number! Maybe on a stroll though Stanley Park.

  112. Zoe said:

    I’d definitely wear this dress to a picnic with my boyfriend on a nice summer day :)

  113. Courtney said:

    I would wear this to a picnic in Millennium Park, or to a laid back gallery opening.

  114. Cheryl said:

    I would love to wear this dress to the graduation parties of my students, nieces and nephews and of course my own children.

  115. swiss said:

    We do a lot of camping in the summer, so it would be nice for my sweetheart to see me in something other than soot covered t-shirts. Plus it’s his birthday next month and I’m taking him to an outdoor classical concert! That dress is very classy : )

  116. Katherine M. said:

    This dress is amazing — vintage looking, flattering cut, and gorgeous liberty-esque floral pattern. It would be perfect for my wedding shower!

  117. Molly said:

    There is a field right outside my house brimming with buttercups and this dress would be just the perfect contrast when I go there for picnics and frolics with a beautiful boy and his guitar! It’s an utterly gorgeous little dress- all wholesome and lovely!!!

    Thank you for reading! xxx

  118. Erin said:

    Oh, I love this! I would wear it all the time – even in winter to remind me of the brighter days!

  119. Lindsay said:

    I would wear it to an outdoor tea party and then go frolic in a field of flowers immediately following. A girl can dream right?

  120. Lindsay said:

    I would wear this to an outdoor tea party and then go frolic in a field of flowers immediately following. A girl can dream right?

  121. melanie said:

    I have been searching for the perfect dress to wear to breakfast the day after my springtime wedding in october (i’m in australia). Lots of our guests will be attending breakfast and it’s been so difficult to find something casual enough for breakfast, but lovely enough to still make me feel special the day after. Until now!

  122. Chantel said:

    My Daddy says how much likes to see his girls in flowers. I would wear it this Father’s Day out with my Dad then. I’d put on classic red-red lipstick, make a glorious playlist of his fave oldies on my iPod, and take him to this indie movie theater playing the b&w classics he’s brought me up to love. !!!

  123. Loren Vitello said:

    How lovely! I would wear all over town with my man on my arm, him trying to keep up.

  124. Catherine said:

    So sweet and simple! I would love this dress!

  125. Brittany said:

    wow, i love this! i don’t often find many summer dresses with sleeves, so i am excited! i would wear this to a backyard barbecue, or one of the many summer wedding events that always pop up!

  126. havilah said:

    if the rain will ever stop in p-town, i will ride my bike to downtown’s first thursday in this dress and go gallery hopping! oh darn, that’s tonight. well, next month. :)

  127. hanna said:

    I’d wear it out to dinner during the summer!

  128. jacki said:

    i would intentionally get all dressed up with no place to go. i would sit out on my front porch, all pretty-like, and i would sip iced tea and watch the neighbor kids jump through the sprinkler.

  129. Katie said:

    This dress is so simple and perfect, it could be worn anywhere!

  130. Lana C. said:

    I would wear it on a date with my husband!

  131. Bec said:

    Oh, so pretty!! For us here in the southern hemisphere, I’ve got a little family wedding later this year in Tasmania (little island at the bottom of Australia) that this would be perfect for!!

  132. Dana said:

    This dress is so versatile, you can wear it anywhere! I’d love to have it though for a rehearsal dinner I have coming up. So pretty, and I love the pattern!

  133. Anna said:

    What a sweet, easy dress for summer! I would wear it to the farmer’s market at Occidental on my upcoming trip to CA, and afterward to a picnic…

  134. Katie said:

    I’d wear it to an outdoor wedding later this summer :)

  135. Marsá McNutt said:

    this little number would be perfect one of durham’s outdoor bluegrass concerts.

  136. Lauren said:

    to the airport to be pick up my Air Force Man…since I see him once in a blue moom, I always try to look nice, this dress would be perfect!

  137. Mallory said:

    i’d wear it to a wonderful festival i’m going to next weekend. it would be perfectly breezy & lovely.

  138. Melanie said:

    lovely and oh-so-ladylike! i’d wear it to meet my boyfriend’s mother… the ultimate test!

  139. Shara said:

    What a lovely dress! And I love that it’s eco-friendly. I would wear it to an upcoming Father’s Day barbecue with my husband and his family.

  140. Eileen said:

    love it…perfect for beach nights!

  141. avalon said:

    I would wear it to the farmer’s market with pretty sandals and pink lip gloss. I love it!

  142. allie said:

    so cute. i would wear it to the wedding i’m going to later this month.

  143. Odelysse said:

    I would wear this to the preschool I work at, hanging out outside with the kids blowing bubbles, making art and just playing on the sand yard.

  144. simple things said:

    ooh, I forgot to say where I would wear it!
    I can see myself in this one with some cute sandals, on a summer evening walk on the beach.