isn’t it dreamy?

{from conroy & wilcox}


17 Responses to “moonstone”

  1. Sasha K. said:

    I love Conroy & Wilcox’s rings. They use the most gorgeous cut stones.

  2. Ashley said:

    Wow–moonstone looks so elegant here! Not at all like the stones we had in junior high.

  3. Zinzi said:

    ugh, yes. so beautiful. my mom always wore a moonstone ring that my grandfather gave her — always associated it with subtle, classic style

  4. Chelsea said:

    Oh lord. You are killing me! This is such a beautiful piece!

  5. *gemmifer* said:

    So very, very! Their simple settings really show the beautiful stones in their best light.

  6. courtney said:

    oooh, i love. such simple design with a touch of sparkle.

  7. Amie said:

    Yes, it’s definitely dreamy. I want one!

  8. Sarah said:

    So simple, yet stunning, and I love that the band is so dainty! :)